Monday, September 26, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 26, 2016

South China Morning Post: China dispatches one of its largest air force fleets ever near Okinawa in show of force to Japan

Chinese military heads out to Western Pacific for the second time this month in sabre-rattling aimed at Tokyo

China’s air force sent an unusually large fleet of fighter jets and bombers through the Miyako Strait near Japan’s Okinawa Island for exercises on Sunday, the second time it has headed to the Western Pacific this month.

Analysts said the sabre-rattling was meant as a strong message to Tokyo, after Japan’s new defence minister vowed to step up its military presence in the disputed South China Sea in joint training patrols with the United States.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 26, 2016

China air force holds drills near Japanese islands -- Al Jazeera

Japan scambles jets over China military fly past -- DW

Japan scrambles jets over China flights along Miyako Straits -- BBC

Japan vows to watch Chinese warplane activity closely -- AP

Russian, US Military to Agree on Syria Flights Information Exchange Rules -- Sputnik

Pentagon Casts Doubt on Mustard Gas Use against US Troops -- Military Times

Russian Gov't Approves Agreement With Armenia to Form Joint Caucasus Air Defense -- Sputnik

Russia to Obtain Hypersonic Weapons Before 2020 -- Sputnik

Russia’s new combat aircraft A-60 to be armed with high accuracy laser — KRET -- TASS

Russian Armata Vehicles to Sport Smart Fire-Suppression Gear With 'Black Boxes' -- Sputnik

Russian Pacific Fleet reinforced with newest nuclear-powered submarine -- TASS

China ‘strips invisibility cloak’ from stealth bomber with new radar -- The Times/The Australian

Ukraine shows off new domestic cruise missile as part of ‘military modernization’ (VIDEO) -- RT

US, South Korean missile destroyers in fresh show of force to North Korea -- CNN

US, South Korea Exercise for Military Option With Naval Drill -- VOA

USFK commander meets U.S. officials to address N.K. threats -- Yonhap News Agency

US general calls out Pakistan on support for Afghan militants -- The Hill

Next-gen US military helicopters prepare for 2017 flights -- IHS Jane's 360

F-35A Catches Fire at Mountain Home Air Force Base -- Defense News

Air Force Grounds Four JSTARS Over Maintenance Concerns -- Defense News

Air Force seeks to solve growing shortage of fighter pilots -- Houston Chronicle

Army Pursuing Alternatives to Heavy Vehicle Armor -- National Defense

Full Speed Ahead for Navy Expeditionary Fast Transports -- Motley Fool

Contractor Reports Progress on F-35’s Gen III Light Helmet -- National Defense

Why Were Two F-117s Flying Over Nevada? -- Popular Mechanics

U-2 Flights Resume after Pilot Killed in Crash -- Appeal-Democrat/

Can testosterone boost combat performance? Pentagon studies hormone's role in fitness -- Military Times

Female Marine Reaches End of First Phase of MARSOC Course --

Dems call for better birth control access for female troops -- The Hill

Navy Investigating Second Sailor Who Refused To Stand For National Anthem -- Daily Caller

Can celebrity chef Robert Irvine refine military chow? We're about to find out -- Military Times

Why the U.S-Israel Military Aid Package Matters -- Chen Kane, W. Seth Carus, and Nima Gerami, National Interest

13,000 military personnel will provide security, ceremonial support for the next president's inauguration -- Military Times

75 Million and Counting: The Deadly History of the AK-47 -- Blake Franko, National Interest


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