Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 28, 2016

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IBTimes: The Battle for Mosul: 3 maps explaining the planned offensive against the Isis stronghold in Iraq

Iraqi army units will push towards Mosul from the south while the Kurds wait in the wings

As Islamic State (Isis) fortifies the outskirts of Mosul with oil-filled trenches, barricades and blast walls, the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces surrounding the city are preparing for a bloody battle to liberate Iraq's second biggest city from the jihadis. After two years of brutal IS rule in Mosul, Baghdad is poised to take the city back with intelligence sources confirming to IBTimes UK on Monday (26 September) that the troops would move in before early October.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 28, 2016

US to boost military presence in Iraq ahead of Mosul battle -- France 24

U.S. to send more troops to Iraq ahead of Mosul battle -- Reuters

US-led coalition troops in Iraq reach 8,000: Official -- World Bulletin

Chemical weapon wasn't used near U.S. troops in Iraq -- Military Times/USA Today

ISIS no longer controls any Iraqi oil -- RUDAW

Pyongyang Has 88 Pounds of Weapons-Grade Plutonium - Seoul -- Sputnik

Bombs Away: Russia to Build Unique Mine-Clearing Robot Based on Armata -- Sputnik

Russian nuclear sub test-fired 2 Bulava missiles from White Sea -- TASS

'Black holes' of the Russian Navy -- TASS

Panel: NATO Needs More Capability to Effectively Deter Russia -- USNI News

Azerbaijan To Supply Military With New 'Kamikaze' Drone -- Newsweek

Women in Combat: Female Battalion in Iran Joins Law Enforcement -- Sputnik

Eavesdropping Norway Rolls Out Two New Spy Ships -- Sputnik

UK MI5 Releases Secret Files of Soviet Spies, WW2 Double Agents -- Sputnik

US air strike reportedly kills 13 Afghan civilians -- Al Jazeera

Pentagon Probes Reports of Afghan Civilian Casualties in US Drone Strike -- Sputnik

At least 7 Afghan military students AWOL in US this month, Pentagon says -- FOX News

Carter: Afghanistan War Supplemental Request Coming in November -- Defense News

US Looks to Accelerate Deployment of South Korea Missile Defense -- AP

Greenland's receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear project -- The Guardian

McMaster: U.S. Army Must Prioritize Close-Combat Capability -- Defense News

A military aircraft whose cost goes down? Boeing churns out P-8 sub hunters based on 737 -- Seattle Times

Air Force budget woes could scuttle effort to add more airmen -- Air Force Times

House Panel Set to Reform Military Space Operations -- USNI News

So Much for 'The Few': Marines Corps Wants 8,000 New Troops -- Sputnik

Marines May See Future Fights in Mega-Cities, Planners Say --

New Marine Corps Operating Concept Emphasizes Maneuver Warfare -- USNI News

U.S. Believes Hackers Are Shielded by Russia to Hide Its Role in Cyberintrusions -- WSJ

U.S. Air Force Preps a Controversial No-Bid Purchase of Spy Planes -- Defense One

CIA director: 9/11 bill will have 'grave implications' for national security -- The Hill

5 Statements From Top Military Brass That Should Concern You -- Andrew Santora, Daily Signal

Unplug, Soldier! Too Much Online Time is Hurting the Army -- Defense One

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