Monday, September 19, 2016

New York City On Edge After This Weekends Bomb Attacks In Manhattan And New Jersey

Daily Mail: All FIVE bombs that were found in the New York area used flip phones as a detonator: Fears grow of link between failed New Jersey attack and IED blast in Manhattan that injured 29

* Three devices found in New Jersey and two in New York have used cell phones as detonators
* The pipe bombs in New Jersey used flip phone timers and as did pressure-cooker device found in Chelsea
* It's believed home-made bomb that exploded also used old-school flip phone as a detonator
* Another similarity is lack of know-how that went into making the devices as three failed to detonate
* Believed that the metal dumpster the bomb was placed in prevented loss of life in Manhattan
* CNN have obtained video that shows the same man at 23rd and 27th streets - where the bombs were left
* Another two men are seen on video removing the pressure cooker from a duffel bag on 27th
* Authorities aren't able to say if the New Jersey bombs are related to the explosion and device in New York
* Currently, there the incidents don't appear related but de Blasio isn't 'taking any options off the table'

Three pipe bombs found in New Jersey and two IEDs that terrorized New York City on Saturday all have one thing in common - cell phones.

An old-school flip phone was used as a timer in all five home-made bombs.

Authorities said they still have not found any indication the incidents in New Jersey and New York are related, but in both cases flip phones were used as timers to detonate the explosives.

All phones used as detonators were similar in design, according to PIX 11.

And this comes as CNN claimed to have seen video which places the same man at 23rd and 27th streets in Manhattan - where one bomb detonated and another pressure cooker device failed to detonate.

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Update #2: The FBI is denying reports that people have been taken into custody.

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