Monday, September 19, 2016

Picture Of The Day

A B-1 Lancer flies over the Norma Brown building during the 75th Diamond Anniversary ceremony on Goodfellow Air Force Base. USAF

WNU Editor: For more pictures from this gallery .... It's the US Air Force's 69th birthday — here are 22 photos of it doing what it does best (Business Insider).

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Anonymous said...

U.S. military does P.R best and bloats its officer corps.

Check out officer to enlisted ratios and the conclusion is easily reached that the military is not really serious about fielding a force that can stand toe to toe with likely future military adversaries.

How can you take seriously a military that cannot afford basic load outs and protective gear for its troops but spends fortunes on aircraft that cannot meet their design specs?

Next, take a look at cost per hour to run the AF weapons systems and their percent availability. Then check out the ages of the craft. Look at the most useful and note their likelihood to go on the chopping block.

How can the U.S. military provide ultra-modern planes, many superior to their own, to governments that are not friendly or could shift alliances at the drop of a hat and deny them to their AF? Only in modern America.

This blog often puts puff pieces by the military and their supporters in the spotlight. The real question that cannot be stressed enough is whether these expensive toys can defend the nation in any continuous fight. The answer that serious analysts come back with is that the military, as currently managed and deployed, cannot deploy with reliable equipment and spares to do much more than a surge.

Picking the boneyard clean for spare parts is not a strategy for victory. It is picking over the bones of past success.

You cannot project power if you cannot get your people and equipment to the point of contact and sustain them.

If China and Russia are the enemies of the present or future, the forward deployment of a few ships, aged aircraft, or divisions will act more as a speed bump to the opposing forces.

Either the Pentagon is scaring the nation and world into believing that there is a clear and present danger and that a few good weapons systems will be sufficient to manage the threat or they are nearing criminal incompetence by believing their own P.R.

You be the judge.