Monday, September 5, 2016

President Obama Cancels Meeting With Philippine President Duterte After Insult

CNN: Philippines leader curses Obama; White House cancels meeting

(CNN)Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte tore into President Obama with an obscenity on Monday, leading the White House to cancel an upcoming meeting with Duterte.

White House officials previously said Obama would confront Duterte about his country's handling of drug dealers, including extrajudicial killings, which are government executions without the benefit of judicial proceedings.

"Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people," Duterte scoffed in a speech Monday. "Son of a bitch, I will swear at you."

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WNU Editor: I support President Obama 100% on this decision to cancel. The Philippine President stepped waaaayyyy over the line on this one.

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Daniel said...

It seems like a win-win for Duterte. Either he gets to swear at Obama or he gets to say that Obama ran away because he was scared.

Anonymous said...

May God save Philipines now...

Anonymous said...

Yes you are not american puppet. You are Chinese one.

James said...

President Rodrigo Duterte has not thought this out very far:

TWN said...

I like Duterte, about time someone told off that arrogant puke.

Robert said... long as he doesn't come back asking for "support" against other countries, I'm OK with it. Otherwise, get down on your knees and apologize!