Sunday, September 18, 2016

Presidential Candidates Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Comment On Yesterday's New York City Bomb Attack

NBC: How Trump and Clinton Reacted to New York City 'Bomb'

The presidential candidates remained true to form in their reactions to an explosion in New York City Saturday night, with Donald Trump sounding alarms and Hillary Clinton offering caution.

Trump was set to take the stage in Colorado Springs just as unconfirmed reports of an explosion in downtown Manhattan started spreading over Twitter.

After waiting on his plane for about 13 minutes, he took the stage and reported what no news outlets or law enforcement had yet: that a "bomb" went off in New York City.

"Just before I got off the plane, a bomb went off in New York, and nobody knows exactly what's going on, but boy, we are living in a time," Trump said. Exactly how Trump learned of the incident is yet to be determined.

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WNU Editor: Trump acted as Trump .... no surprises there. As for Hillary Clinton .... she looked tired and frail.


Jac said...

Poor Hillary, she is at the end of the rope. Her staff and doctor can give her all the drugs they have for keeping her "afloat", her body is not following the pace.
I am not going to vote for her, but she is still a human being and I don't like the "raptors" who are pushing her only for their own interest.

Anonymous said...

If one gets the notion that she gets a shot of amphetamine just before she's required to pontificate merely whimsy?