Monday, September 19, 2016

Pro-Putin Party Wins Big In Russian parliamentary Elections -- News Roundup

BBC: Russian election: Big victory for Putin-backed party United Russia

United Russia, backed by President Vladimir Putin, has won a majority in the country's parliamentary election, far ahead of rival parties.

With 93% of the votes counted, the party has secured 54.2% of ballots and 343 seats in the 450-member parliament, officials say.

Mr Putin said his party had "achieved a very good result", however the turnout was a record low of 47.8%.

The Communist Party and nationalist LDPR both secured just over 13%.

The party A Just Russia gained just over 6% of the votes. All four parties are loyal to Mr Putin and dominated the last parliament, or State Duma.

Mr Putin has enjoyed 17 years in power as either president or prime minister.

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