Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Russia Ministry Of Defense: Russian And Syrian Warplanes Did Not Launch Aairstrikes On UN Aid Convoy In Syria

RT: Russian, Syrian Air Forces did not strike UN aid convoy in Aleppo - Russian MoD

Russian and Syrian warplanes did not launch airstrikes on an aid convoy that was attacked en route to Aleppo, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The ministry added that only the militants who control the area had information regarding the location of the convoy.

“Russian and Syrian warplanes did not carry out any airstrikes on a UN humanitarian aid convoy in the southwest of Aleppo,” Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement Tuesday.

The Russian Center for Reconciliation said that it had used drones to accompany the convoy because its route passed through territory controlled by the rebels, but only to a certain point.

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Update #1: Russia Denies Any Role in Deadly Convoy Attack in Syria -- NYT
Update #2: Moscow says Russian and Syrian planes did not strike Aleppo aid convoy -- Reuters

WNU Editor: Moscow is furious over U.S. claims that they are responsible for the military strike on a UN aid convoy .... Russia furious as US blames it for Syria aid strike (AFP). The Russia's Ministry of Defense is also now saying that a U.S. Predator drone was monitoring the aid convoy .... US coalition Predator drone spotted at time & place of aid convoy attack – Russian military (RT). More here .... Russian military says U.S. drone was nearby when Syrian aid convoy hit (AP).

Update #3: This is not going to happen .... Russia's Lavrov calls for impartial probe into aid convoy attack (Reuters).


RRH said...

This situation is getting to the point where the "war of words" between Russia and the U.S. is going to transform into something more kinetic. It's just a matter of time before the "coalition" takes losses at the hands of the R+3.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another Obama and Co. (CIA) ham-handed false flag to try to drum up support and anti-RussiaN sentiment to raise support and give cover to Hillary's failed adventure just prior to the election. The sad thing is there is no objective media in the US and they will get away with it assuming they don't start WWIII.