Monday, September 12, 2016

Some Democrats Are Getting Nervous On The State Of Hillary Clinton's Health

Washington Free Beacon: Roberts: Democrats Whispering Clinton Might Step Aside From Race

Cokie Roberts said Monday on NPR that there were whispers by Democratic Party establishment members that Hillary Clinton may have to step aside from the race because of her health, Mediaite reports.

Clinton’s health has become the central focus of the campaign after she was forced to leave Sunday’s Sept. 11 memorial in New York and was taped almost collapsing and getting helped into a van. Her campaign later revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, leading to criticism for keeping the illness secret for two days.

“People are angry at the lack of transparency,” Roberts said on Morning Edition. “It was hours before the pneumonia diagnosis was revealed, after seeing this incredibly damaging video of her being helped and stumbling into a van. And look, there’s a reason why the campaign’s not transparent. Obviously, it gives Trump ammunition.”

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Update: Ted Strickland says Tim Kaine is 'ready to become the president' if necessary (The Columbus Dispatch).
Update #2: Former DNC chairman calls for Clinton contingency plan (Politico).

WNU Editor: Yup .... it looks like some people are getting nervous .... and they do have cause. But Hillary Clinton stepping down .... even with a serious health issue .... it will be a "cold day in hell" before that happens.


Anonymous said...

All Democrat should be getting nervous the stealing and robbing from the American people is coming to an END...

Aizino Smith said...

The stealing and robbing is not coming to an end.

The Democrat leadership, aristocrats, want us disarmed just as the Medieval and Japanese nobility wanted commoners disarmed back then.

Instead of Divine right, the Democrats have come up with a new schticks to explain their right to rule.

From "It's for the children" to racism to sexism to the environment, ...

B.Poster said...

"A cold day in hell" is an apt description. For her health issues to do her in would probably take a year or so. This is well past election day.

For the good of the country, she should step aside. Unfortunately the Clintons don't think that way. Also, she will be prosecuted and she and her rapists husband will be facing lengthy jail terms meaning they are unlikely to live to see freedom ever again.

They should be trying to reach separte deals with Mr. Trump and his team now. A possible deal might be to allow the Clintons to keep 10 million dollars and avoid prosecution under the condition that they retire from public life and are never seen nor heard from again. Are they smart enough to suggest this to team Trump and is Mr. Trump and his team likely to accept such an offer?

Unfortunately the answer is probably "no" all the way around. Mr. Trump and his team want to go for the kill and Mrs. Clinton and her team are to desparate and stupid to understand their predicament. Even in the VERY unlikely event she wins, she's still headed to jail. The only thing that can prevent this us her untimely death.

All of my predictions to date have been based on the assumption she stays in the race until election date. Should she drop out and Joe Biden get the nomination for the Democrats that could alter my prediction.

While slow Joe Biden is a complete idiot who would be destroyed by Mr. Trump in a debate, he is Mr. Obama's Vice President. While nany Americans are not enamored with Mr. Ovama's policies, as the first Aftican-American president, he and his family are almost universally loved by almost Americans meaning his VP could pretty much do anything no matter how stupid and still be loved and worshipped by virtually all Americans the way his current boss is.