Sunday, September 11, 2016

Some Syrian Rebel Groups Support The Ceasefire. Others Do Not

Fighters of the Syrian Islamist rebel group Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. Photograph: Ammar Abdullah/Reuters

Reuters: Syria rebels guardedly agree on truce but battles persist

Government troops and insurgents fought in several parts of Syria on Sunday, apparently seeking to strengthen their positions on the eve of a ceasefire that Free Syrian Army rebels said they would observe but with major reservations.

The Free Syrian Army groups wrote to the United States on Sunday about the deal it agreed on with Russia, saying that while they would "cooperate positively" with the ceasefire, they were concerned it would benefit the government.

Although the letter did not explicitly say the groups would abide by the ceasefire, two rebels who confirmed its text to Reuters said they would respect the ceasefire when it comes into force on Monday evening.

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Update #1: Syrian Rebels leery of cease-fire plan (FOX News)
Update #2: Syrian Rebel Groups Cautiously Welcome Upcoming Ceasefire (SKY News)

WNU Editor: In an ominous sigh .... this powerful Syrian rebel group is saying that it will not respect the ceasefire .... Powerful Syrian rebel group says it won't respect cease-fire (Bloomberg).

Update #3: The Syrian ceasefire is about to begin .... Russia & US-brokered Syria ceasefire coming into force, 48hr pause to start at sunset (RT).

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