Thursday, September 22, 2016

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Blames The U.S. For Truce Collapse

Reuters: President Assad to AP: Syria war will 'drag on' as part of global conflict

President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with AP News broadcast on Thursday that Syria's war will "drag on" as long as it is part of a global conflict funded and interfered in by other countries.

"When you talk about it as part of a global conflict and a regional conflict, when you have many external factors that you don't control, it's going to drag on," Assad said.

Syria's five-year-old war pits Assad, backed by Russia, Iran and Arab Shi'ite Muslim militias against a myriad of Sunni Muslim rebel groups, including some supported by the United States, Turkey and Gulf Arab states.

The conflict has wrought a devastating human toll, killing hundreds of thousands, displacing half the country's pre-war population of 22 million and included poison gas attacks, starvation sieges and raids on hospitals.

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"Sebastian" said...

Hahahaha, he has killed more civilians then ISIS... he is not a good guy.

B.Poster said...

"Hahahaha, he has killed more civilians than ISIS...he is not a good guy."

As for haha, I fail to find ANY humor in this. As for killing more civilians than ISIS, maybe or maybe not. As to whether or not he is a "good guy." probably not. There are no "good guys" in this conflict. "Good guy" or not he has Russia the world's most powerful country in the world backing him up and has recently been working closely with China the second most powerful military force in the world behind Russia. As such, "good guy" or not he is not going anywhere and there is absolutely nothing America can do to change this for better or worse. American leadership needs to begin by recognizing reality and not what they may wish it to be and begin acting accordingly.

"Sebastian" said...

"China the second most powerful military force in the world behind Russia."

Hahahahahahaha... get a grip of reality. You are funny as hell! Hahahaha!