Sunday, September 25, 2016

Syrian War News Updates -- September 25, 2016

Reuters: Battle rages near Aleppo, air onslaught continues

Warplanes bombed a strategic camp on the northern edge of Aleppo on Sunday as Syrian government and rebel forces battled for control of the high ground in a Russian-backed offensive that has left Washington's Syria policy in tatters.

Planes also continued to pound residential parts of the town, flattening buildings, rebels and residents said. More than 250,000 civilians are trapped in the besieged opposition sector and there is growing concern about the escalation in violence since a ceasefire, announced just two weeks ago, unraveled.

The United Nations Security Council is due to meet at 11 a.m. (1500 GMT) to discuss the fighting but the latest campaign for a decisive battlefield victory by President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies appears to have buried any hope for diplomacy.

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Syrian War news Updates -- September 25, 2016

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mlacix said...

Anna news ground report from Handarat, the Northest part of the encircled Eastern Aleppo:

James said...

In the report at around 1:12 to 1:20, the back of a gray haired man with a short gray beard is shown being greeted by various guys. That might be Solemaini. The team he's with is a command team of sorts and they are very careful not to show his face on camera. Otherwise a very interesting report, much better than the usual from out of that area.

mlacix said...

I think it's not Solemaini, because he still have all of his hair, and he rarely can be seen in military outfit, his style is more simple and monochrome. However I do not know exactly who they are, but there were photo report from other sources that they got some visitors after capturing Handarat, even some high ranking person visited them from Syr. Gov. I think those wto are just some local commander or al-Quds leader.

Miguel LM said...

Handarat is in rebels hands ... recaptured yesterday.

mlacix said...

Yes that's true, and the linked video also mention it that it was partiall taken back by 9AM today. The reason for that, or at least I heard so, is that SAA ( and related forces like al-Quds, but I just call everyone as SAA) could not fortify the area well enough, so they retreated instead, because they heard about the counterattack the rebels planned. Previously rebels also retreated from the area, becaue of the same reason.

I checked some satelitemap for you, and the cameraman of Anna News, at 0:29 of the video were positioned right at the ridge, at the southmost end of the Handarat Industrial Zone, and the advancing of SAA forces were shown only the eastermost part of Handarat housing area. The Handarat housing area lie a little bit more than 2 km long in a vallay, just at the NE border of Aleppo City. Now the problem for the rebel is, that SAA holding most of the ridges that between this district lie. However SAA does not yet hold the ridges all long, and this make them a problem when they advance deeper into the vallay, they could not give as much fire support. I heard SAA launched an attack against the Kindi hospital (or whatever remained of it), but heard no success about it. But as soon as they take Kindi, the whole Handarat housing area, with it's full lenght will be exposed to fire from any direction, and this will be the point when SAA truely capture the area, because at that point for the rebels there is no way to defend it. The question is will they take Kindi first, or they go to valley meatgrindg.

This just reminds me of the old day, the battles for Feruz Abad, and how much the ridges matter.

James said...

"This just reminds me of the old day, the battles for Feruz Abad, and how much the ridges matter."
Until technology has it's triumph, old rules will always hold true.
On the video of the command element you mentioned other photo reports did they show a face?
Your right as to his standard dress, that is my biggest doubt on it being him, but until I see a face........

mlacix said...

Check @IvanSidorenko1 on Twitter, and scroll down to yesterday or something, and you will see a couple of photos that supposed to show al-Quds leaders, soldiers, visitors around Handarat. There are a bunch of photos, so you can go and check for faces, there mayt be some that could match, I did not found ny that would be 100%. Another source I'm often checking just note every showup of Solemaini in the region, and he posted nothing related recently, so I have my doubt that it would be he in the video.

James said...

Thanks, I think I got a hit on Sidorenko 1. The guy isn't Solemaini, but he is interesting. He's got on a generic uniform which is slick (no insignia) and has more than hi share of radios, but doesn't seem to carry them himself. I don't think he's Syrian. Probably no big deal, but interesting.
PS. I looked the terrain (ridges) you talking about and yeah, if they (the Syrians) don't screw up it's just a matter of time for them and not very long.

mlacix said...

Thats probably because Liwa al-Quds were originally made of mainly Palestinians.

RRH said...

The man you two are referring to appears to be a Quds commander.

Perhaps the man on the right in this photo?

mlacix said...

It's very well could be him, but why would he wear the "Syrian Resistance" insignia? Units of SR were sent to Aleppo this year, and they could fought on the same frontlines. But instead of the SR insignia, the man in the video have something else on his left arm, and it's looks like the al-Quds one. I think he is just another commander of the group, just one among the many.

RRH said...

I noticed the insignia too but I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be the top of it in the video. I also noticed the flags in the background of the photo which appear to be Quds.