Monday, September 19, 2016

The Collapse Of The Syrian Ceasefire Is Harming U.S. - Russian Relations

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov before their meeting on Syria, in Zurich, Switzerland, January 20, 2016. © Jacquelyn Martin / Reuters

Patrick Smith, Fiscal Times: The Failed Syria Ceasefire Pushes US-Russia Relations to the Brink

Unless there’s a quick and drastic turn for the better in Syria, the US may reach its moment of truth with Russia. If Washington is simply unable or unwilling to work with Moscow to resolve the conflict, it’s likely that our much-worsened relations with Russia will be irreparable for the foreseeable future.

This would be the very worst of the many undesirable legacies President Obama passes on to his successor come November.

What happened between the ceasefire in Syria Secretary of State Kerry agreed on just 10 days ago with Sergei Lavrov, his Russian counterpart, and now? A week into the deal, it appears the agreement has done nothing but push the conflict to the very edge of chaos.

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WNU Editor: Some are still optimistic that this relationship will work .... The U.S. and Russia are actually cooperating in Syria. Can it work? (Sara Bjerg Moller, Washington Post). What's my take .... with the collapse of the Syrian ceasefire all but certain, Moscow is going to step back and wait for the next U.S. administration to take power.


Anonymous said...

Not negotiating or acting in good faith makes any negotiated settlement untenable. The title of the article pretends the ceasefire failed in a vacuum which is utterly ridiculous and unfortunately typical of the current US jihadi backing administration.

RRH said...

Well, that's that....

Aizino Smith said...

"Well, that's that...." - RRH

Talk about stupid.

People with good sense knew it was not going to work. The most it accomplished was boost Obama's and John Kerry's public opinion polls.

It also burnished Kerry's appeal among progs. "At least he tried" progs will gush!

At this rate the Russians et al will give Kerry another 2 or 3 cease fires so that he will look statesmen like, erudite and victorious to the progs amongst us.

RRH said...

Yup, it was so stupid you could have thought it up.

Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you recognized I had the "good sense" to know the ceasefire would not hold.

If you had bothered to read my earlier posts saying as much as opposed to cranking up the Breitbart Machine at the first opportunity.

RRH said...

"At this rate the Russians et al will give Kerry another 2 or 3 cease fires so that he will look statesmen like, erudite and victorious to the progs amongst us."

Will we get to see them strut around like a draft dodger on the deck of an aircraft carrier howling "mission accomplished"?

I'll bet you had tears in your eyes for that one. W

Aizino Smith said...


1) GWB served in the Air National Guard. His unit could have been activated.

2) Flying fighter jets is also inherently risky.

GWB did not join ROTC and then slime out of it only to be part of anti-war protests in Europe.

There, fixedya. Your welcome. ;)

Aizino Smith said...

BTW, RRH I went to Breitbart for the 1st time on over a month or more. I got there by a link to n=mandatory transgendered sensitivity training in the U.S. Navy.

Since you hate Breitbart, I am pretty sure that you are pro-transgender sensitivity training.
There would not be absolute certainty in that assumption, but the likelihood of it being true is extremely high.

Welcome to RRH world! ;)

RRH said...

Dumber still (could you honestly get dumber without needing life support???),

75% of your posts on here, when you're not trolling Jay, YC or myself, are some variation of "it's all Obama's fault-worst President ever etc and so on". It's of no little amusement to cogent readers that you expend so much bile on a man who you and yours got elected, appointed or whatever.

After eight years of your Dubya/Darth Vader Cheney GWOT, fascist homeland security state complete with visits from BFF Bandar Bush and f'n up the money, Obama was given a mandate of 'Hope and Change'. Instead of rounding up you and yours for a lifetime up north (or a much shorter span up against a wall), he decided to stick to the script. Now Americans have by large put that H&C s--- behind them in favour of "Just Don't Make It Worse" while it gets worse by the day. So, by every indcator, Barrack Hussein Obama is Y O U R President. You and yours put him there.

It will get much worse;

bacause you dummies are set to elect The Great White Hope. Trumpolini. CuzHe's gunna fix it all. Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of Cray Cray!!!

With UncleTombama gone, and The Donald in, you'll finally be able to make that Turner Diaries Documentary you've been hankerin' on since the death of MLK. Instead of Obummer, it will be the Muslims'/illegals' turn to take the blame -- which is always reserved for anyone but you even though your policies have been running the U.S. right into the ground.

But wait, it's a win win ain't it? Even if the fix is in and We Came, We Saw,He Died Killary Clinton gets in, the disaster still gets to be someone else's fault. Meanwhile, the Breitbart Machine gets to work overtime to churn out lie after lie after lie, threat after threat, scam after scam.

As for Syria,

I'm waiting for you to soil this forum once again with some noxious turd you will be sure to embellish in your high sounding tone as "insightful and relevant". Perhaps it will be a call for a surge, like the one in Iraq you fart out of your mouth about on a regular occasion. The fact that ("tactical and operational victories notwithstanding) you LOST -and continue to lose- in Iraq shouldn't stop you. Facts never get in the way.

Just remember, surges on the battlefield don't work like the ones when you shart, load up your depends and everyone runs away. No sir. In the big boy world where mommy's social security check doesn't pay for your internet fun, real people, like the Syrians, Russians, Chinese, Iranians etc. will tell you your s--- stinks and kick your a$$ to boot.

So anyway, why don't you fly on over to Syria and tell those people just how to sort this out? After five minutes in Damascus, I'm sure they will be overawed by your bottomless wealth ofknowlege, high principles, and haut couture worddressmaking. So impressed that they may even offer you a chair.

And then we'll see just how much Aizino knows.

Aizino's surge:

Aizino Smith said...

Obama is the worst President ever bar none.

He is taking his swan dive now and he is too stupid to know it.

2 more terrorists attacks especially with 20 to 40 casualties and his legacy will be done. He can do something about it, but he will not.

Jay Farquharson said...

Americans killed by all forms of Terrorism on US Soil,

Bush = 3025
Obama = 41

Every time you post, I realize that the US deserves a Trump Presidency.

Chimpy did more damage to the US than any of it's enemies, foreign and domestic,

( except for that time we burned Washington down while your Politicians and Army ran away),

But der Furour in one term would would make Chimpy look like a piker, and Venezuela look prosperous in comparison.