Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Islamic State's Deadliest Weapon Is Its Ideology

Three Isil fighters pose in Ramadi the Iraqi army 'abandoned' the city Photo: Twitter

Ronald Tiersky, RealClearWorld: ISIS's Deadliest Weapon Is the Idea of Heaven

Islamic State’s taunt that “we love death more than you love life” was always a threat as well as a fact. This expressed love of death was incomprehensible to people raised to believe that self-preservation is at the core of human nature. In extremis, soldiers might die to protect their comrades and parents would sacrifice their own lives to save their children. But they did not love death, let alone long for it.

A love of death meant ISIS was implacable. There was no possible negotiation, and no deterring suicide bombers or terrorist attacks in which militants knew they would die. In fact, getting themselves killed was part of their motive. It didn’t make sense.

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WNU Editor: Could not have said it any better.


RRH said...

Yeah, well, they have a pretty badass airforce too.

Anonymous said...

the article seems to justify the jihadi position...if only the muslim world would take ownership over the problem and change the course of these "radicalized institutions"

this short clip makes it pretty clear as to what the solutions could look like