Monday, September 26, 2016

The War Of Words Between Russia And The West Has Not Been Seen Since The Cold War

NBC: Russia and Syria: War of Words With West Is Worst in Decades

Barbarism. Mayhem. A New Hell. War Crimes.

The language of diplomacy has taken a turn over Russia's involvement in Syria, with the rhetoric crossing lines not seen since the Cold War.

A snap meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Sunday underscored the undeniable shift — one which has not gone over well at the Kremlin.

The U.S., U.K. and France — which called the meeting — walked out in protest when Syria's representative took the podium, though not before firing parting shots.

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WNU Editor: I have not seen this rhetoric for years. I would say that it first started with the fall of Qaddafi in Libya .... when Russia accused the West of betrayal on what they had promised they were going to do in the first Libyan civil war. The Ukraine crisis .... followed by war and the annexation of Crimea coupled with sanctions .... that broke the "camel's back" in Russian - West relations. And now we have Syria .... where hostilities and differences are now wide open for all to see. Will this freeze in Russian - West relations continue .... considering what has been said this week and what is happening on the ground in Syria .... I will have to say yes. And as for another Cold War coupled with an arms buildup in Europe .... sadly .... that is happening right now.

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Carl said...

The pitfall is in thinking that the US and its allies actually care about the people trapped in Aleppo. It's not true. What the US cares about is regime change. Obama got it in Libya, and consequently spread chaos, weapons and terrorism all over North Africa and into the Middle East. In Syria, Russia is standing in the way, and Samantha Power is totally unhinged as a result.

RRH said...

Agreed Carl,

And all of their righteous indignation reminds one of how the British Empire conducted its relations with "savages" like the Zulus.

Not to mention the fact that, given their history, thr irony inspired by their insults and accusations is wasted on them.

RRH said...

And here it is...

B.Poster said...

Regardless of the actual veracity of any claim Russia is the best in the world at messaging. (I HATE the term propaganda.) While Russia is the best in the world in this regard, the United States is the world's worst.

Getting into a war of words with them will not end well for anyone. Getting into such a fight brings to mind two analogies, 1.)a 5"10 inch 300lbs man trying to run a 100 meter race against a world class athlete, and 2.)going into a comedy club and trying to exchange one liners with the stand up comic. Such things are not only not going to end well for the person who tries either of these things but they are going to come away embarrassed and looking stupid. In this situation the US is the fat man and the idiot.

Additionally, like it or not, Russia is the most powerful military force on the planet. Instead of shouting at them a better approach might be to ask "how can we help" or if we don't like what they are doing raise our concerns privately with them. Still another option would be to get out of their way.