Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The World's Top Military Bands Take Over Red Square

RT: World top military bands take over Red Square for colorful festival (360 VIDEO)

It’s been loud and bright right by the Kremlin walls, but Moscow’s military band festival is now over, leaving thousands of fans sad and desperate for next year’s round. RT’s 360 VR footage gives you a hint as to why this event is not to be missed.

For the whole week, Moscow’s main square was transformed into a historic stage for some of the world’s best military and classical music, which was performed live for an audience of thousands near the iconic Spasskaya Tower. Where better to listen to some of the grandest marches intertwined with pages from world history.

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WNU Editor: I only learned a day before leaving Moscow that this festival was going to take place. Damn .... I would have stayed an extra week just to see this but both the GF and I had to return back to Canada. The above video is not great, but it gives you a sense on the audience and the theatrics that are involved in this Red Square celebration.

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