Monday, September 26, 2016

Tonight's U.S. Presidential Debate (Live Video)

WNU Editor: Twitter's Live Feed (and video) on tonight's Presidential debate is here.


RussInSoCal said...

The consensus is the US is that Trump wasted the effort. That he lost the debate. He was put on defense by the US media's pet peeves: The Birther issue, his tax returns and his Iraq War stance of 2003. He left many items of attack on the table. Never went after the Clinton Foundation or the 30,000 emails.

Clinton, on the other hand made absolutely no case for herself either. Other than, "Go to my website".

B.Poster said...


Having watched the debate this was my thought too even before watching the pundits which I am just now beginnig to do. I suspect Mrs. Clinton is the easiest candidate for Mr. Trump and his campaign is well aware of this. As such, they do not want to knock her out now. Had they done so the Democrats could have brought in a more formidable candidate at an early enough stage to have a chance. It's going to be better strategy to knock her out later when it is to late for the Democrats to send in a replacement.

Given the unhinged nature of her camoaign of late, I suspect her campaign's internal polls indicate she's WAY behind and falling further behind. I doubt she helped herself much here. Maybe she gained 10% but she'd need much more than that. As such, her debate performance would be an abject failure.

To use an American football analogy, she went into the debate down by four touch downs. At best, she gained a field goal (3 points). Her debate performance was an abject failure.

Steven Krische said...

I think Trump had the lead in the first half. Then he floundered in the second half; falling into old rhetoric and not coherently answering some of the questions. Despite her winning this round, I will never be able to vote Hillary because of her hawkish viewpoints. Too many died from her adamant support of the Iraq war and the role she played in many other conflicts such as Libya, Syria, etc.