Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Top U.S. Intelligence Chief Blames Russia For DNC Hack

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Intelligence Chief Suggests Russia Behind Hacks of Democratic Party Groups

Speaking at a conference, James Clapper says Russians ‘hack our systems all the time’

WASHINGTON— James Clapper, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, suggested Wednesday that recent computer attacks carried out against the Democratic Party were perpetrated by Russians.

But he left his message somewhat ambiguous, perhaps intentionally, as the U.S. and Russia continue to spar on a range of issues. And he predicted that cyberattacks will be a pressing challenge for the next president.

Mr. Clapper, speaking at a conference for intelligence professionals, cited President Barack Obama, noting that the president had previously said, “and I quote, ‘Experts have attributed this to the Russians.’”

Mr. Clapper continued, “So I won’t get out ahead of the president on this, particularly while the [Federal Bureau of Investigation] is conducting an investigation. But I can reiterate his other point. The Russians hack our systems all the time, not just government but also corporate.”

He added, “So do the Chinese and others including nonstate actors. The point is, cyber will continue to be a huge problem for the next presidential administration.”

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Bob Huntley said...

Next in the News. US blames Snowden of operating a hacking school in Russia?

Anonymous said...

You can't blame the Russians Blame Hillary and her crooked foundation