Tuesday, September 20, 2016

U-2 Spy Plane Has Crashed In California. One Pilot Dead, Another Injured

L.A. Times: One pilot dead, a second injured in U-2 spy plane crash in rural Northern California

One pilot was killed, and another injured when a U-2 spy plane crashed in Northern California shortly after takeoff Tuesday morning, according to a U.S. Air Force official.

The pilots ejected shortly after takeoff from Beale Air Force Base and moments before the aircraft crashed into a rural area north of Sacramento, according to the Air Force.

Initially, the Air Force reported the crew members had “safely ejected” and were awaiting recovery.

Almost four hours after the crash, however, air combat command tweeted, “There is no official confirmation of status of U-2 pilots.”

Shortly before 1 p.m., Sgt. Charity Barrett of Beale Air Force Base confirmed one pilot’s death. The extent of injuries suffered by the second pilot was unclear.

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WNU Editor: There are conflicting reports on the state of the two pilots. Both survived or one has been killed. Will update when news becomes available.

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