Tuesday, September 20, 2016

UN Suspends Syrian Aid Delivery After Convoy, Warehouse Attack

The Guardian: UN suspends all aid convoy movements in Syria after airstrike

Red Cross president says attack on UN and Red Crescent convoy delivering supplies is unacceptable violation of international law

The United Nations has suspended aid convoys in Syria after an airstrike hit a fleet of trucks carrying food to a rebel-held area near Aleppo on Monday.

The UN humanitarian aid spokesman Jens Laerke said: “As an immediate security measure, other convoy movements in Syria have been suspended for the time being, pending further assessment of the security situation.”

He said the UN had only recently received permission from the Syrian government to deliver aid to besieged areas of the country.

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WNU Editor: Russia is denying reports that they were involved in this strike .... Russian, Syrian Jets Did Not Conduct Airstrikes on UN Convoy in Aleppo - MoD (Sputnik). What's my take .... you can see the flash of the missile strike at the beginning of this video.

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Miguel LM said...

Call it by the proper name : Russia terrorists bombed UN CONVOY

Russia should be banned from ONU and all the org. that the west created.
When we have a criminal gang running a country than acts like this are normal (for the terrorists).

But no word from you condemning this act ... no surprise here. And you brag that once you worked at ONU, what a shame mn. No values, just money and your condom in moscow...

RRH said...

Funny how this comes right on the heels of the CAS provided for ISIS by "the coalition".

Now the U.S. and friends can play the "outrage" card while providing absolutely no proof backing their claims that is was the Russians or Syrians that hit this convoy. Are we expected to believe that they are not tracking Russian and Syrian jets over the area? The Russians have denied the attack, so why doesn't ISIS air control provide radar data, which we know they have


to prove the accusation? They won't because there is none and they are running cover for their proxies who were launching an attack on the SAA while this convoy was moving through their territory.

Meanwhile, the focus is very conveniently shifted from the air support for ISIS in Deir Ezzor which, with Hasakah, we have known for quite some time is part of a plan to establish a "Salafist Principality" in the region in conjunction with the Turkish "buffer zone" in the north.


It is all part and parcel of the plan to destroy/break up/destabilize another Arab state to justify an occupation of the area and push a pipeline through. So far, as with all of these plans, the only successful aspect is the de-stabilization and chaos production, but that's the easy part and is what the U.S. and friends are good at. The other stuff, not so much.

I have minimal agreement with our Editor politically, but he is no Putinist or pawn of any "regime". If anyone is critical of the current Russian Government it's him. He knows a fix 'em up when he sees it, however.

And you know it too Miguel but your job is to run cover for it, not expose it.

mlacix said...

Well it's not that simple Miguel. As basically everything, this situation is also hard to read, and very hard to get reliably sources and information. Even for those event that happened 3-4 years ago in Syria (or in any timestamp in every war/and not war), still half-true informations are counted as truth. This one is no exception.

Early this morning, I seen some post made by an SAA-supportive, half-gov. administrated social media source, that the strike were made by SaAF, and the conoy was not permitted to be there at that time (there were other permitted conoyes, but this was not in the list). At the beggining of the ceasefire, Syria heavily stated, that they will not give free movement to every convoy, but only to those which were previously got checked and sealed by some, named International Civil Organisation. Russia now deny that the strike were made by RuAF nor SaAF, but they did not pointed to anyone who could made that airstrike (if it was from the air). As an addition some hours before the strike happened Kerry made a statement which in he talk about how SAA/SaAF targeting UN convoys, which not happened in the recent past, not until some hours later in the future.

UN said the convoy got permission, but the ceasefire agreement state the convoys destinations are for hard to reach and sieged areas, and to Aleppo, this supposed to go trough the Castello road, which from SAA retreated and RU forces were deployed instead. This convoy got hit W/SW of Aleppo, in an area which is not sieged (it's been rebel control for years) and can easily accessed from any areas, including Turkey, because it's lie next to a main road. The ceasefire was broken (around 17:00 local time) by SAA, but hard to say the word broken, because they said it's over and they will not renew it (as they did in the past some times already). We still not yet got good quality footages of the screen of the strike ( I seen some burning diaper kind of things, but I'm made of sceptical), but in case of someone just wanted to "mask" a weapon/supply (even partially) convoy, they could easily print out some paper that looks like UN's original.

Now the sides blaming each others, and you will not make truth no matter how hard you will. I do not know what is the truth, I think SaAF did it and the convoy was destined to not sieged areas, but hell I do not know, and I'm not on the grond. A convoy was hit, I personally could not care less. We, or those who still even care about this war just add 5-10 to the list of the other 400.000 dead people, and go sleep, to wake up and deem how much more will die the next day. How much have you seen from those who died in Syria or Iraq? Or previous wars in Iraq, or Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Lybia, Jemen, and the list goes on. I know how much I seen, and how it's not count, not matter the dead. Oh yeah Russians are terrorist, just like almost all human in this damn planet.

James said...

Heh, you're starting to sound like me. I jumped the gun earlier on this, but having reviewed what's out there I've changed somewhat.
First, you've got the big party at Turtle Bay (UN NYC) with all of the big VIP's and most importantly the international press in one place.
Second, an apparent screw up by the US (bombing russian allies) which is admitted to by the US.
Third, this US administration loves it's virtue, the UN, and the Narrative.
Ok, how to get even with the Russians, well fake an attack on a UN relief convoy blame it on the Russians, don't forget to throw in photos of injured civilians and boy does that show how naughty those Russians are even while they are at the UN itself!
What I've seen in visual evidence so far:
One or two trucks burned, a few with the rear of their loads mussed up. A couple of guys who are obviously scripted describing the scene. Very few shrapnel marks on vehicles and surrounding buildings. A fire truck that happens to show up late video and does some lackadaisical watering. And my favorite part lot's and lot's of tires still aired up.
Now some could say it was US and coalition planes that did this, but they are off bombing hospitals and such.
All this tie into the big UN meeting, is of course coincidental.
You're also very right in that by and large most people (especially the powers that be) could give a rat's ass about the people getting killed.

James said...

Also, RRH makes a very good point about proof of air in the area from various sensors.

mlacix said...

James: When it's seems that i'm start to sound like you, just bring up the situation of the iraqian forces. Something sense me that you still do not belive in those militias.

James said...

Yes, I've changed my opinion of them, but yes you're right I'm not completely sold. They seem to need quite a bit of outside air and quite a few US SOF guys right there in the front with them. Some units seemed to have shook themselves down got rid the trash in them and are learning how to fight. I still don't think that without US air they could do well head to head with these ISIS cats, we shall see (I'm still talking about Iraqi regular units especially the ones with large amounts of Sunnis). One day I'll send you the brand of my arm chair that I make so many bad predictions from.

mlacix said...

I'm looking for that day, but not the bad predictions that matter, but the faith we have. ( I do not even dare to start a discussion about the "Does US/Coalition Air Campaing wrk in Iraq?", because news in the last 6 month just not focusing on this anymore. Maybe one day after the war is ower, or the election is done, we will see and talk more on how it all went down.)

Miguel LM said...


"...One or two trucks burned, a few with the rear of their loads mussed up. A couple of guys who are obviously scripted describing the scene. Very few shrapnel marks on vehicles and surrounding buildings. A fire truck that happens to show up late video and does some lackadaisical watering. And my favorite part lot's and lot's of tires still aired up.
Now some could say it was US and coalition planes that did this, but they are off bombing hospitals and such."

This kind of text is an insult to me and for any one that have a brain. Clearly you dont know * of what happened or if you do, than its worst because you are trying to cover it.

Rudaw English ‏@RudawEnglish
Aid convoy headed to besieged #Aleppo hit by airstrike, at least 12 people were killed, among them #Syrian Red Crescent director.

#Syria #Russia'n drone view on #UN aid convoy before airstrikes hit the trucks in western #Aleppo's Urem al-Kubra


etc etc, James you need to check your facts right or check the news.

Miguel LM said...


Charles Lister

Looks highly likely that a #Russia-made OFAB-type bomb was used in strike on #Aleppo aid convoy; likely OFAB 100-120

RRH said...

"Oh yeah Russians are terrorist, just like almost all human in this damn planet."

Well put.

mlacix said...

Nice spot there. If the picture is original (which it's seems to be), it's either RuAF or SaAF, my bet is on the second still.

RRH said...

Lister is pro opposition and works at Brookings in Qatar.


Forgive me if I am skeptical.

And where is the telemetry? With all these accusations flying, why should we rely on some questionable photos when we know that airspace is under 24/7 surveillance by both sides.

Anonymous said...



Miguel LM said...

Yes, it was UKR that hit MH17,
Yes, it was UKR that invaded another country and riped Crimea
Yes, it was the rebels (in Syria) that bombed dozens of Hospitals, RED Cresc. Headquarters, etc

RRH, so for you it was the US/West that bombed the convoy?LOL, are you serious mn? We live in an era where corruption is very high but moral corruption/ distortion of facts/ reality is also raising.

Miguel LM said...

In 3/4 days, RUS bombed some rebels groups that were near the UN convoy. That was the reason ... hehe

RRH said...


I said the U.S. has the data in who where and when in terms of airspace.

Would I put it past them to bomb the convoy and put it on someone
else? No, but at this point we don't even know for sure if it was an an air strike.

RRH said...
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