Sunday, September 18, 2016

US And Russia In War Of Words Over Syria Air Raid

CNN: Syria ceasefire under threat after US-led strikes kill regime troops, Russia says

(CNN)Russia says US-led coalition airstrikes that mistakenly killed dozens of Syrian troops on Saturday -- prompting a diplomatic firestorm -- could jeopardize a fragile ceasefire.

The strikes near Deir Ezzor Airport -- which the US says were intended to target ISIS but instead killed 62 Syrian soldiers, according to the Russian military -- sparked a furious row between the US and Russian ambassadors to the United Nations outside an emergency Security Council meeting.

The US has expressed regret for the strikes, while Australia, which says its planes were among a number of international aircraft involved in the operation, expressed condolences to the victims' families.

Russia said Sunday that the blunder could place the delicate Syrian truce, in place for less than a week, under threat.

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mlacix said...

Well, I may have a diffent point of view on this subject than Alecia, but her recommendations could also be applied here.

I'm really not against anyone, but how could be persons such as Samantha Power been put to such position she currently in? Even Alecia would be better on the job. This whole statement she gave to the press was a joke with all the "russian diversion" and "how about civilians". Oh she may have forgotten that she supported the military intervention in Lybia, back in 2011. Well they "saved" so much lifes with it, it's a peacefull, democratic paradise ever since.

But back to the subject. There may have possible scenarios which in the US airstrike was "unintentional", but with whatever information we have it's still impossible to tell actually why this happened. The lack of iff, and communication between the sides could helped the incident, but this still not reason why US made the air attack at the first place. The coalition previously tried to stay away from Der-er-Zor, because as it was mentioned many times before, it's only SAA vs. IS battle, so no US intentions were there to help. But even the attack still happened, and the casualty rates for SAA were large, 60+ dead and 100+ wounded in an encircled/sieged city does really matter. Thanks to when the air attack happened, IS also advanced on the ground and captured areas near to the airfield, which is critical for the defenders ( and a Mig plane was already shot down in the area by next day ).

And this air attack come when the ceasefire should take place, and even if so far it's worked with minor exceptions, such as Quneitra (on the Israel border), and other smaller areas like the Castello road in Aleppo, but meanwhile US was not able to make the rebels do what they should have to be agreed to, and even the US forces had to pull back from some areas, because of threats from rebels. If the ceasfire was a fan to cool down the situation, with this airstrike US just shat in it. I do not know how could this ceasefire hold any longer. Better to call a spell caster I guess. Damn I start to be sound sceptical like James.

James said...

If it wasn't so damn serious it's funny as hell.
These people really are something.