Friday, September 16, 2016

U.S Congressional Intelligence Committee Report On Edward Snowden: 'Former NSA Contractor A 'Serial Exaggerator And Fabricator'

Reuters: U.S. House panel slams former NSA contractor Snowden

A U.S congressional intelligence committee on Thursday issued a scathing report accusing former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden of leaking information that "caused tremendous damage" to U.S. national security, lying about his background and feuding with co-workers.

In a report endorsed by both its Republican and Democratic leaders, the House intelligence committee said Snowden was "not a whistleblower" as he has claimed.

Most of the material he stole from the NSA was not about invasions of privacy, but revealed intelligence and defense programs of great interest to America's foreign adversaries, it said.

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Anonymous said...

He's a traitor of the first water.

Jay Farquharson said...

Pot calls kettle black.

>>The Intelligence world has gotten itself into a pickle, at once demanding that a great deal of information be shared broadly, while trying to hide what information that includes, even from American citizens. It aspires to be at once an enormous fire hose and a leak-proof faucet. That is the inherent impossibility of letting the secret world grow so far beyond management — trying to make a fire hose leak proof.

Some people in the IC get that — I believe this is one of the reasons James Clapper has pushed to rein in classification, for example.

But HPSCI, the folks overseeing the fire hose? They don’t appear to realize that they’re trying to replicate and expand Snowden’s privacy violations, even as they condemn them.<<

As Goldmann notes in his lawyerly defense of Snowdon;

- if Snowden is, who they claim he is, they never should have hired him, and kept training him and promoting him,

- if Snowden took what they claimed he took, for high moral reasons, then others, possibly many, many others will have taken the same info, for low moral reasons.

And of course, Marcy Wheeler not's that this is an awful lot of push back against a Hollywood film, one would almost suspect that the Oversight Commitee's actual role has nothing to do with oversight. ; )