Wednesday, September 7, 2016

U.S. Defense Secretary: 'Russia Is Destabilising The World'

U.S. President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Ash Carter sit down to a meeting of the National Security Council at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, U.S. August 4, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Wall Street Journal: Ash Carter Warns Russia Against Interfering in ‘Democratic Process’

Defense secretary’s comments seen as oblique warning on Russian-sponsored hacking of U.S. political institutions

OXFORD, England—Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the U.S. and its partners wouldn’t ignore Russia’s “efforts to interfere with our democratic processes,” issuing an oblique warning to the Kremlin amid accusations of Russia-sponsored hacks on U.S. political institutions during the presidential election.

Mr. Carter, who made the comments on a trip to the U.K., didn’t directly address allegations that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and prominent members of the Democratic Party as part of an effort to interfere with the November election in the U.S.

But the secretary of defense did make an implicit reference to the matter in a broader speech on Russia, in which he hit out at the Kremlin for undermining the U.S., its allies and the international order. He said Russia wants to be recognized as the great power it is, but accused the Kremlin of pursuing that goal by undercutting the international community and acting out of misplaced fears.

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Update #1: Ash Carter: Russia Sowing Seeds of Global Instability (AP)
Update #2: U.S. warns Russia against interfering with Western politics (Reuters)

WNU Editor: I hear frustration in the voice of Defense Secretary Carter .... and he has cause. Russia has intervened successfully in undercutting U.S. power and influence in many regions of the world .... the Middle East included. But while it is easy to blame Russia for America's declining influence, the real blame must ultimately rest on the U.S., and how their foreign and military policy has alienated foreign governments (allies included). Case in point .... the Iran nuclear deal. By cutting out America's long term allies in the region when this deal was being negotiated and agreed upon .... the blow-back was more than predictable .... the erosion of trust from long term allies and the search for new alliances .... something that Russia was more than happy to fill in. As for Russia interfering in the U.S. election .... please .... Russia cannot even remotely match what is happening right now in this election cycle, not even close.


Anonymous said...

Blaine Hillary crooked foundation for the World problems

Young Communist said...

Perfect comment WNU editor.

And as Trotzky write in the 1940, the fight for the colonies is a never ending process in a imperialist world, that only follow the variation on capital forces.

RRH said...

If anything has "destabilized" the world as the U.S. wants it, it is the refusal of a growing number of countries, Russia being a big one, unwilling to allow Washington ad friends to continue to run rough shod. What is galling to the PNAC crowd is that they are being seen as no better or worthy of deference than anyone else.

The curtain has been pulled back on the Great Oz.