Tuesday, September 6, 2016

U.S. Election News Updates -- September 6, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (L) speaks along side retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn during a campaign town hall meeting in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S., September 6, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Reuters: White House candidates turn up the heat over national security

The U.S. presidential campaign's focus shifted to national security on Tuesday as Republican Donald Trump pledged to help female veterans during a Virginia Beach campaign stop, and with Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine set to deliver a related speech in North Carolina.

Trump, speaking at the event in Virginia, a state with a large military population, began with a pledge to help female veterans if he wins the Nov. 8 election and also said he would work with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, to “solve the problem” posed by the Islamic State militant group.

“Putin looks at Hillary Clinton and he smiles,” Trump said of the Democratic presidential nominee.

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The Democrat Campaign

Clinton slams 'growing' list of Trump scandals -- The Hill
Clinton: Trump 'clearly has something to hide' with tax returns -- Politico
Clinton: Trump's Fed comments risked financial chaos -- The Hill
Clinton slams Trump for commenting on Fed policies -- Reuters
Clinton, Kaine slam Trump on national security -- Washington Times
Clinton voices concern about Russian interference in election -- Reuters
Hillary Clinton laughs off reports on her health -- NYT
Clinton says 'conspiracy theories' about her health not a concern -- Reuters
Clinton rejects Mexico invitation after Trump's diplomatic ruckus -- Reuters
Clinton: 'No concern' about deleted email archive -- Politico
Lawmaker: Probe deleted Clinton emails cited in FBI report -- AP
Clinton's classified email errors due to 'improper labeling:' Kaine -- Reuters
Clinton Camp Cuts Off Press When Asked About Poll Showing Her Trailing Trump -- Breitbart
Clinton camp asks for $100 million more -- Politico
Clinton campaign sets $100 million fundraising goal: report -- The Hill
Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton, Worrying Democrats -- NYT

The Republican Campaign

Trump calls for new civil rights agenda in visit to black church -- Reuters
Trump dumps the script in Clinton attacks -- Politico
Trump rips media for not covering Clinton coughing attack -- The Hill
Trump says U.S. interest rates must change as Fed weighs rate hike -- Reuters
Trump on Clinton: 'I don’t really even think she believes in herself' -- Politico
Trump: Putin looks at Clinton 'and he laughs' -- Politico
Trump ally: Border wall's cost was deemed off limits in Mexico meeting -- Reuters
Trump: Clinton wants to treat illegal immigrants better than vets -- The Hill
Trump raises possibility of eventual legal status for illegal immigrants -- Reuters
Trump: Cyber key to ISIS strategy -- The Hill
Trump earns endorsement of 88 retired generals, admirals -- Politico
88 former military leaders write letter backing Donald Trump for president -- CNN
Trump pledges to release his full medical records -- Politico

General Election Coverage

Trump and Clinton clash over national security -- AP
Clinton blasts Russia, Trump softens immigration stance -- AP
NBC faces criticism for Clinton cough story -- The Hill
Biden to Clinton: 'Open up' -- The Hill
9 Senate seats most likely to flip -- The Hill
Ryan blasts FBI on Clinton document dump -- Politico
Ryan: FBI playing politics with Clinton -- The Hill
UN rights chief blasts 'demagogues' Trump and Wilders -- Al Jazeera
Pro-Clinton group warns of nuclear war if Trump elected -- The Hill
DHS secretary Johnson vows 'no stone unturned' on election security -- Politico
Moody's economic model finds Clinton pulling away from Trump -- The Hill
Bill Clinton made nearly $18M off ‘honorary’ role: report -- The Hill


General Election Polls: Trump vs. Clinton -- Real Clear Politics
Poll: Clinton has 6-point lead over Trump -- The Hill
Poll: Nine weeks out, a near even race -- CNN
Trump up 2 points over Clinton in national poll -- Politico
Trump up by 2 points in new national poll -- The Hill
Trump catches up to Clinton, latest Reuters/Ipsos poll finds -- Reuters
Election Update: Clinton’s Lead Keeps Shrinking -- FiveThirtyEight
A new 50-state poll shows exactly why Clinton holds the advantage over Trump -- Washington Post

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials

Who is hacking U.S. election databases and why are they so difficult to identify? -- Jessica L. Beyer, Reuters
Questions about Hillary’s health -- Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times
Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now? -- Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
Five reasons Hillary could be blowing it -- Glenn Thrush, Politico
Five Clinton nightmare election scenarios -- Anthony Zurcher, BBC
9 Campaign Promises Trump Could Actually Pull Off (Well, Almost) -- Matt Latimer, Politico
Has Trump hit his ceiling? -- Steven Shepard, Politico
Donald Trump Rolls Out the Heavy Artillery -- Mark Thompson, Time
The Cowardice of Donald Trump -- Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
50-state poll shows 2016 election could redraw map -- Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
What if? There's still time for drama before Election Day -- Nancy Benac, AP

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