Wednesday, September 7, 2016

U.S. Election News Updates -- September 7, 2016

Reuters: Trump and Clinton look to pass U.S. commander-in-chief test

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, pledging a major new military buildup, and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton get a chance on Wednesday to show how they would lead the U.S. armed forces as commander-in-chief.

The two Nov. 8 election opponents are to make back-to-back appearances at an NBC "commander-in-chief" forum in New York, Clinton first, followed by Trump. It will offer a prelude of what to expect from them when national security issues come up in their three presidential debates.

Trump is to lay out a major military rebuilding proposal at an 11 a.m. EDT address in Philadelphia. A senior aide said he would outline a plan for new ships, planes, submarines, combat troops and missile defense systems.

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The Democrat Campaign

Hillary Clinton Returns to the Campaign Trail After Quiet Weeks -- Time
Shadowed by email controversy, Clinton unloads on Trump's "scams" -- CBS
Kaine: Trump as president 'scares me to death' -- The Hill
Clinton’s General Calls for Lasting Footprint in Afghanistan -- Foreign Policy
Clinton pulls punches with GOP Congress -- The Hill
Clinton turns off autopilot -- Politico
Hillary admits upping med ‘load’ to combat coughing fits -- American Mirror
Hillary Clinton Is Burying Donald Trump On TV In Battleground States -- NPR
Hillary Clinton Endorsements: Which Top Celebrities, Businessmen And Newspapers Are Supporting The Democrat In 2016? -- IBTimes
Mitt Romney’s Rich Backers Turn to Hillary Clinton -- Daily Beast

The Republican Campaign

Trump vows U.S. military buildup, commander in chief test looms -- Reuters
Trump lays out plan to build up military -- The Hill
Trump to call for military spending increase -- CNN
Trump will ask generals to submit plan against ISIS -- Washington post
Trump releases list of 88 generals, admirals supporting his bid -- Military Times
Trump ending media ‘blacklist’ -- The Hill
Trump: 'People don't care' about my tax returns -- Politico
Trump blasts Clinton as 'trigger-happy' and 'very unstable' -- Politico
Trump: No visas for countries refusing to take back criminal undocumented immigrants -- Washington Post
Trump on Clinton: 'I don't choke; she chokes' -- Politico
Trump camp tries to clarify his 'I love war' comment -- Politico
Trump raises about $90 million in August: Fox News -- Reuters
Trump pays IRS a penalty for his foundation violating rules with gift to aid Florida attorney general -- Washington Post

General Election Coverage

Trump, Clinton not planning to campaign on 9/11 -- AP
Green Party's Jill Stein to face charges after North Dakota protest -- Politico
GOP: Trump won't cost us Congress -- Politico
OSCE to deploy more international observers to follow US election -- DW
Assange: Clinton leaks could come as early as next week -- Politico
Carville: "Possible" To Rig Voting Machine For 100 Votes; Calling Election Rigged "Fundamental Attack On The Country" -- RCP
Starbucks CEO endorses Clinton -- The Hill
Mural depicts Maine governor as Klansman, Mickey Mouse -- Reuters
Mexican official who helped arrange Trump visit resigns: report -- The Hill


Poll: Clinton holds slim lead nationally -- The Hill
Trump Gaining as Presidential Polls Tighten -- VOA
Poll: Clinton, Trump in Arizona dead heat -- Politico
Trump, Clinton running even in battleground Florida -- The Hill
MSNBC unskews CNN poll that showed Trump ahead -- Politico
Hillary Clinton’s Lead Has Shrunk: How to Assess the Polls -- NYT
Poll: Trump Leads Clinton Among Military and Veteran Voters -- MSNBC

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials

Questions for The Next Commander in Chief -- Alex Mitchell, RCD
Will Trump or Clinton win? The 11 states deciding the race -- Niall Stanage, The Hill
How Hillary Clinton could win -- Maeve Reston and Stephen Collinson, CNN
The FBI report on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, explained -- Jeff Stein, VOX
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Invisible Guiding Hand’ -- Shane Goldmacher, Politico
What African-Americans have to gain with Hillary Clinton as president -- Julianne Malveaux, The Hill
When Hillary Clinton Coughs -- James Hamblin, The Atlantic
The Flight 93 Election -- Publius Decius Mus, CRB

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