Tuesday, September 27, 2016

U.S. Presidential Election News Updates -- September 27, 2016

Daily Mail: Majority of snap polls show Trump won debate by a landslide despite CNN's overwhelming victory for Hillary in biggest official survey

* CNN's snap poll gave Clinton the win with 62 per cent to Trump's 27
* But most of the others reported Trump was the winner by a landslide
* The pair engaged in a vigorous back-and-forth at Hofstra University
* Here, we present the results from snap polls conducted after the debate

CNN awarded Hillary Clinton an overwhelming victory in the first presidential debate - but most snap polls show Trump emerged victorious.

Trump and Clinton tangled over the economy, her use of a private mail server and his unwillingness to release his income tax returns on Monday night.

They engaged in a vigorous back-and-forth on the debate stage at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, as polls showed them locked in a tight race.

However, after the debate's end, polls conducted by a number of media websites showed their readers felt the real estate mogul came out on top.

Trump acknowledged the result, tweeting: 'Wow, did great in the debate polls (except for @CNN - which I don't watch). Thank you!'

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Jay Farquharson said...

>>Still, some users took time to attempt to game online polls soliciting opinions on who won the debate, imploring users to “abuse airplane mode toggling” to allow for more votes for Trump on websites like CNBC, Time, ABC News, and CNN.
Trump then spent the night pointing his Twitter users to those same poll numbers, which had been brigaded by 4chan and Trump's Reddit community r/The_Donald. "Great debate poll numbers - I will be on @foxandfriends at 7:00 to discuss," he wrote. "Enjoy!"<<



Best US Election ever.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to engage in such activities in user polls, it's a whole different monster when people do it for elections.

RRH said...

When the Alt Right uses scams, bullying, and mis-representations to win it's "just business" or a reflection of their "natural racial mental superiority and competitive instincts".

When "others" fight back it's due to "genetic defects which are a function of their racial DNA".

Most revealing election ever.

Jay Farquharson said...

Keep in mind, much of the alt-right are trolls, doing it for the lulz, winding people up is their online game.

Between November and the inaugeration promises to be "interesting", in a bad way.

B.Poster said...

Trump "won" in the sense that he established he is not the devil incarnate. Essentially the pro-Clinton media set a ridiculously low bar for him which he easily overcame. To use a poker term, team Clinton "over played their hand."

Most people in America expected Mr. Trump to get absolutely crushed by Mrs. Clinton. This didn't happen. As such, "snap polls" indicate he "won." Keep in mind Mrs. Clinton's online team is far superior to anything team Trump could ever hope to match. One would think they could easily have planted a narrative that she "killed" Mr. Trump.

While WNU suggests the debate was a draw,i thought she won by 3 points (a field goal in American football) she's still WAY behind.

Mrs. Clinton should get out while she still can. Perhaps team Trump will protect her against all of those who will want a piece of her and her family. While her entire family is likely innocent, these people really, really don't care. She will need help and in order to procure it she will need to show the proper contrition to Mr. Trump and others.

Jay Farquharson said...

Keep in mind, this is what der Furour thinks is "piggo",


Frank Luntz's* CNN focus group went 16:9 for Hillary,

(* the infamous Republican Rat F€cker)

The 2nd US Civil War starts November 9th.

RRH said...

"The 2nd US Civil War starts November 9th."

Ain't that the truth.

Anonymous said...

CNN admitted its focus group was weighted with significantly more Democrats. More media shenanigans. For me, I think over the next several days these two vile children bickering like kindergarten brats will benefit Gary Johnson. I went straight from throwing up after the debate to his website.

Jay Farquharson said...


TWN said...

Both sides tried to Game the Polls and the Trump side was more successful since more people are in the Trump camp. I saw the same thing happen with the online polls for the Brexit, online polls are one tool that can give you an idea of how an election may go, and since the over-whelming number of polls were in Trumps favor, I would conclude that Trumps Trolls are better organized and more numerous than Clinton's Trolls, this I think may spill over to the election. Another good way is to read the comments on Yahoo about Clinton and Trump the vast majority are Pro Trump, this was true in the Brexit most comments pro leave and in the 2015 Canadian election most comments pro Trudeau. The feeling in general that I get from what regular people that make comments and the Trolls they are pro Trump. Will that translate into an election victory for Trump, hard to say.

B.Poster said...

Jay & RRH,

"The 2nd US Civil War starts November 9th." So you think that Mrs. Clinton's supporters are not going to accept the result when she loses and will take to the streets shooting people, destroying property, and rioting in general. Should Mr. Trump lose his supports will simply go to work the next day, take care of their families, etc. As such, if he loses there is no possibility of a Civil War.


I think you may be spot on here. If team Trump is actually starting to get organized, then team Clinton is in deeper trouble than they already are. The lack of organization and the inability of Mr. Trump to control his tongue are the only reasons this "race" is still competitive.

Jay Farquharson said...

Hillary's not going to lose. Trump is going to lose big time.

You might not have noticed, but Hillary's supporter's arn't the ones with all the guns.

When the actual polling results don't matchbthe online polls, on November 9th, the alt-right will start their race war.