Thursday, September 15, 2016

U.S. Presidential Elections News Updates -- September 15, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gives a thumbs up as she boards her campaign plane in White Plains, New York, United States September 15, 2016, to resume her campaign schedule following a bout with pneumonia. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Reuters: Clinton returns to campaign trail with Trump rising in polls

Hillary Clinton got back on the campaign trail on Thursday after taking three days off for pneumonia, and the Democratic presidential candidate faced a more challenging political landscape, with Republican rival Donald Trump rising in opinion polls.

Senior Clinton aides said they always expected the race to the Nov. 8 election to be close. But it was clear from a raft of new polls that Trump had halted a summer swoon after taking steps to deliver a less freewheeling, more polished performance on the stump.

Clinton, 68, appeared in good health on a visit to the press section of her campaign plane while flying to Greensboro, North Carolina, for a rally where she sought to refocus her campaign on the plight of the working class.

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The Democrat Campaign

Clinton back on campaign trail after releasing health info -- AP
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Clinton camp: She won't try to 'provoke' Trump in debate -- Politico

The Republican Campaign

Trump calls for 4 percent growth, pledges to create 25 million jobs -- Reuters
Trump promises to create 25 million jobs with economic plan -- Politico
Trump outlines vision for economy, promising large tax cuts -- AP
Trump outlines specific goals for growth in economic address -- New York Post
US election: Donald Trump in excellent health, says his doctor -- BBC
Trump releases medical report showing 'excellent' health with blood pressure of 116/70 and cholesterol of 169 – and saying he takes aspirin and a statin drug every day -- Daily Mail
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Trump camp: Media took 'gas chamber' line out of context -- The Hill
Donald Trump takes credit for public distrust of the media -- Politico
Trump: Women shouldn't need prescription for birth control -- The Hill
Pastor cuts Trump short during anti-Clinton speech in Flint -- Reuters
Trump Foundation under investigation for suspected 'impropriety' -- BBC
IMF chief launches thinly veiled attack on Donald Trump -- The Guardian
Trump's son: Not releasing tax returns because scrutiny would be distraction -- The Hill
Ryan: Trump should release tax returns -- The Hill

General Election Coverage

Facebook will help gather questions for presidential debate -- The Hill
Democrats fear their Senate takeover chances dimming -- AP
GOP gains ground on Dems in voter registration in key states -- AP
Democratic Party says it was hacked again, blames Russians -- Reuters
‘This electioneering can’t help already fragile relations’ – Kremlin on Obama’s Russia remarks -- RT
Kremlin: Obama's Trump criticism anti-Russian, won't foster better ties -- Reuters
Donald Trump is a problem for the whole world, EU's Schulz says -- Reuters
Hillary hates him! Leaked Colin Powell emails reveal Clinton can't forgive President Obama for 'kicking her a** in 2008', and 'was so sick giving paid speech she could barely walk up steps' -- Daily Mail


Nearly half of Americans ‘very concerned’ about Clinton emails: Reuters/Ipsos poll -- Reuters
Poll: Trump gains on Clinton in Virginia -- Politico
Poll: Trump leads Clinton by 3 in Ohio -- The Hill
Poll: Trump leads Clinton by 3 in Ohio -- Politico
Poll: Trump up 8 points in Iowa -- The Hill
Iowa poll: Trump expands lead over Clinton -- Politico
Polls darken for Democrats -- The Hill

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials

Don't Look Now: Trump Has All the Momentum -- Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
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WHY IT MATTERS: Clinton, Trump present voters clear choice -- AP
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Donald Trump Does Have Ideas—and We’d Better Pay Attention to Them -- Joshua Mitchell, Politico


James said...

From the Democrats perspective that is a terrible photo of her. Look at her eyes.

Bob Huntley said...

James I thought she was winking.

War News Updates Editor said...

I also noticed her eyes. But what the hell is she wearing crossed my mind also.

RRH said...

She looks as if she has aged ten years in the last six months.

Something appears to be definitely wrong and pneumonia is not the start, nor end, of it.

James said...

Maybe she trying to, but if you can enlarge look at her left eye.

WNU: I don't and there are certain I prefer not to know.

RRH: I think you're right, but what? I've noticed that her "team" has made a point to list afflictions that are not neurological in nature. It really boils down to now, can she make it through the debate, standing up, on live camera? That is probably the most basic thing her team is concentrating on. Watch for them to work the sympathy angle non stop.

James said...

WNU: My comment should read "there are certain things I prefer not to know. Every male on earth should understand that.

RRH said...


Anonymous said...

The bulging eyes may be a sign of a sustained overdosing of her thyroid treatment. As someone who takes thyroid hormone, excessive levels give you extra energy, mental stamina, weight loss, and you need very little sleep, all useful things for a presidential candidate but terrible for your heart and vascular system. She probably takes the Armour thyroid because it has 6 times the human level of T3 resulting in minimal sleep. Thickening of the skin behind the eyes causing bulging eyes is a common indicator of hyperthyroidism, so it would be expected in someone abusing thyroid hormone. Interestingly, heat sensitivity is another.

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