Wednesday, September 28, 2016

US Threatens to End Syria Talks With Russia

(L-R) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov © Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Washington Post: U.S. threatens to suspend all bilateral cooperation with Russia over Syria

The United States is preparing to suspend all bilateral cooperation with Russia over Syria unless Moscow takes immediate steps to end the ongoing assault on the city of Aleppo and moves to restore a collapsed cease-fire, the State Department said Wednesday.

The action would mean the effective end of nearly a year of intensive, bilateral diplomacy, led by Secretary of State John F. Kerry, to wean Russia away from its support for President Bashar al-Assad and persuade it to join forces with the United States in its counterterrorism efforts in Syria against al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

The announcement came amid reports of a ferocious ongoing assault by Syrian and Russian jets and Syrian ground troops on surrounded, rebel-occupied eastern Aleppo, where the United Nations has said more than 250,000 civilians are trapped.

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Carl said...

THis is really bizarre. The US fails to do what it agreed to do, that is, separate legitimate opposition (if there are any) from the terrorists. that's the first commitment in the Sept. 9 agreement! Russia now is tired of getting screwed and acts accordingly and the US threatens to end bilateral discussions?

fazman said...

Yep, Tussia has done more to end syrias suffering than the u.s.
The u.s still has no idea who its backing.

B.Poster said...

Russia is the most powerful military force on earth by far. Instead of being stupid and petty US military and political leaders should watch the Russians in action, study them, and try and learn. Perhaps someday the US military can be on par with the Russian military. At this point, we are a LONG WAY from that.

Perhaps we could have been smarter early on and offered to help them as a junior partner. Wvhile there's probably little we could offer that they'd need, they might have appreciated the gesture and our relations with them might be better. Unfortunately we double down on stupid.

Hopefully the Trump Administration can correct this. At least he has had the good sense to select advisors with close ties to Russian leadership. If America is to have a bright future, positive relations with Russia the world's most powerful country will be a must.

fazman said...

The u.s is far more powerful than russia military (putin himself aknowleged this when he said u.s is the worlds lone super power).
However l will agree that all the shiny state if the art gear is useless without the political will to use and oroject your power, and that is where Putin is the worlds number 1 player.

B,Poster said...

Very respectfully the reason Mr. Putin made that statement equating the US as the lone super power was in the context of public relations. In order to properly demonize someone, it is often helpful to make them out to be more powerful and influential than they really are. Unfortunately the US plays right into what he is trying to do.

Russia is the most powerful country in the world and will be for the foreseeable future. When others especially the United States come to terms with this and start behaving accordingly good outcomes are still possible.