Sunday, September 18, 2016

Vladimir Putin: 'I Can Destroy America In A Half Hour Or Less'


Business Insider: Putin once casually said over dinner that he could destroy America in a half-hour or less

In December 2011, Vladimir Putin, then Russia's prime minister, was positioned to reclaim his role as Russia's president in the March 2012 elections.

Fittingly, he hosted a lavish banquet at New Century, Moscow's richest equestrian club, for members of the Valdai Club and distinguished academics and journalists from around the world.

"The fare was extravagant: smoked trout, duck liver, venison soup, rhubarb sorbet, veal cheeks, and pear soup with caramel," according to Douglas Schoen and Melik Kaylan, authors of "The Russia-China Axis."

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WNU Editor: The same can be said about the U.S. and what it could do to Russia in 30 minutes. I always get a chill when American or Soviet/Russian leaders talk like this. But Putin is right that if it was not for Russia's nuclear arsenal .... the U.S. would not be paying any attention to Moscow.


Anonymous said...

America can do the same in 15 minutes

Anonymous said...

Nanny nanny boo boo.