Monday, September 12, 2016

What Would A Trump Pentagon Look Like?

Mike Segar/Reuters

The Hill: Washington wonders: What would a Trump Pentagon look like?

With much of the Republican national security establishment shunning their party’s presidential nominee, it’s unclear who would serve in Donald Trump’s Pentagon if he won the White House.

Observers say Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a close Trump adviser, could be a prime candidate for Defense secretary, though he might be a better fit for a job elsewhere in the administration.

Ultimately, Trump’s potential Pentagon team would likely be like much of the rest of his campaign — unexpected and unconventional.

“Anyone who says they know who’s going to be in Trump’s Cabinet is lying,” said Alex Ward, a national security expert at the Atlantic Council. “Trump will be able to find people who agree with him, but to what end will be difficult. Finding top-tier talent will be difficult.”

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WNU Editor: Some are predicting a fight .... Donald Trump’s Coming Clash With the Military Generals (Mark Thompson, Time). My prediction if he should win the Presidency .... all the political appointees will be gone .... and everyone else will fall in line.


Trevor Pyle said...

People will do their jobs, but the only political appointees you will get are those who see it as an opportunity to gain power and prestige. No one will honestly want to work for this man.
Or maybe they will, because his ignorance will allow them to push their own theories and agendas without much interference.

rjbrash said...

It would be nice if he could get rid of the progressive and neocon political trash. In other fairytales ...

Bob Huntley said...

A Trump Pentagon would have at least six sides.

B.Poster said...

Actually I would think true American patriots would jump at the chance to work for this man. Lets see renegotiate NATO, renegotiate the ridiculous trade agreements we are currently suffering under, consider recognizing Crimea as Russian, and suggesting possibly lifting US sanctions against Russia enhancing the chances at positive relations with the world's most important and strongest country.

Also, he's pointed out the obvious. If Japan or South Korea are invaded America is expected to come to their aid. Should America be invaded these nations aren't expected to lift a finger to help us. As he's pointed out, such things are absurd.

As it becomes more obvious that Mr. Trump is going to win, I'd expect more public support for him. As for the true patriots and those worthy of major positions in his Administration, I'd look to those courageous enough to support him from the start at extreme risks to themselves and their families of which I was not one of those and I still have my doubts and concerns.