Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Will Colombia`s 7 Million Displaced Go Back Home With A Peace Accord Now Signed?

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Nick Miroff, Washington Post: Colombia’s war has displaced 7 million. With peace, will they go home?

SOACHA, Colombia — In the nation with more internal refugees than any other, you won’t find the uprooted and the dispossessed huddled in tent camps or fleeing in long caravans. Colombia’s war doesn’t look like that, at least not anymore.

The United Nations counts about 7 million “internally displaced people” here, more than in Syria, Iraq or any other war zone. Forced to flee their farms and villages, they have resettled at the edges of Colombia’s cities, finding refuge in places like this treeless, teeming slum on the outskirts of the capital, Bogota.

“Every time you leave, you have to start all over again with nothing,” said Isaac Valencia, 33, who was displaced by the war as a boy and again as an adult, when commandos from a drug gang torched his home and took his land.

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WNU Editor: It is going to take more than a signed peace accord for people to go back home .... if there is a home to go back to.

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