Thursday, September 22, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 22, 2016 (Evening Edition)

Washington Post: Syria ignores Kerry and launches an offensive to recapture Aleppo

BEIRUT — Violence surged in Syria on Thursday as Syria’s government made it clear it has no intention of abiding by U.S. calls for the restoration of the failed U.S.-Russian cease-fire deal.

Late Thursday night, the Syrian army announced the launch of an offensive to recapture the rebel held eastern portions of the city of Aleppo, which has been completely surrounded by government forces for the past three weeks.

The announcement suggested that Syria’s government has no intention of complying with any further cease-fire requests from the international community, despite appeals by Secretary of State John F. Kerry the day before to revive the failed attempt to stop the fighting.

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Syrian President Bashar Assad says U.S. 'not genuine' about cease-fire.

Syria army announces offensive on rebel-held Aleppo.

Syria: Strikes pound Aleppo as UN resumes aid delivery. UN resumes aid as bombing of besieged city of Aleppo intensifies.

John Kerry says Syria could suffer the fate of ancient Carthage.

Obama says Syria 'haunts me constantly'.

Germany calls for ‘complete ban’ on all military flights over Syria to save ceasefire.

Iraq: Security forces recapture Shirqat from ISIL. Iraqi army says it recaptured key town south of Mosul.

US tests for mustard agent after rocket attack near Iraq base.

US military chief: 'Concerning' mustard attack on US base.

While the UN talks, new tide of Iraqi refugees threatens to drown relief efforts.

Eight injured as rockets from Syria pound Turkish border town.

Yemen conflict: Saudi-led air strike 'kills 25 in Hudaydah'.

Iranian leader lashes out at Saudi Arabia in U.N. speech. Rouhani uses UN address to hit US over nuclear deal.


Philippines' Duterte invites UN chief to probe killings.

MH370 investigators cast doubt on latest crash theory.

Afghanistan: Hezb-i-Islami armed group signs peace deal. 'Butcher of Kabul' pardoned in Afghan peace deal.

Japan PM calls North Korea threat 'substantially more serious' than in past.

US, China look at Chinese company’s trade with North Korea.

India's navy on high alert in Mumbai.

Pakistan air force closes highway for 'routine' drill amid India tension.

Indonesia seizes fertilizer ship in Bali, suspecting bomb plot.

China jails prominent rights lawyer Xia Lin for 12 years on fraud charges.


Shabaab militants storm Kenya police post.

Mauritania says dismantled jihadist cell had no IS link.

US and regional powers urge Libya not to fight over oil. Libya oil chief fears 'financial collapse' unless exports rise.

Libyan forces say foil Islamic State car bombings in Sirte.

Gabon braces for violence on eve of election ruling.

Congo president urges calm after deadly riot.

U.N.'s Zeid raps Congo after at least 50 killed in protests.

Exclusive: Nigeria hunts down 700,000 firms in tax crackdown to offset oil slump.

Egypt migrant boat capsize: Hundreds feared dead.


Johnson: Brexit talks 'probably' to begin in early 2017.

Biden warns Ukraine on reforms, says EU sanctions on Russia at risk.

Kiev says weapons withdrawal in Donbass to begin this week. Ukraine, rebels agree to pull back troops, weapons.

Estonia declines Moscow's invitation for security talks.

Planned Serb referendum vote reawakens fears of strife in Bosnia.

Sweden plans wider police powers in clampdown on asylum seekers.

France arrests Belgian police in migrant border row.

German MPs call for Syrian flight ban.

Russian election chiefs to investigate Reuters findings of irregularities.


Charlotte faces aftermath of protests ignited by fatal police shooting; 16 officers injured.

Venezuela: Bus drivers protest against Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan officials push for 2017 Maduro recall vote. Venezuela election authority: No 2016 recall vote for Maduro. Venezuela opposition fumes as door slams on 2016 Maduro vote.

Secret mediator helped guide Colombia to peace deal.

Brazil police arrest former finance minister in Petrobras probe.

Canada, China to start free trade talks, explore extradition treaty.

Mexico investigates Veracruz governor for embezzlement.

Puerto Rico: Huge blackout after power plant fire. Most of Puerto Rico's 3.5 million people without power.


Pentagon helping Southeast Asian allies tackle IS.

EU advised to drop Hamas and Tamil Tigers from terror list.

Drone strike kills 3 Qaeda suspects in Yemen: officials.

New Al-Qaeda document calls for fueling hatred to instigate violence.


US go ahead on Iran planes lifts trade, banking 'taboo'.

500 million Yahoo accounts breached. Yahoo hack hit 500 mn users, likely 'state sponsored'.

Iran won't agree to freeze oil production unless Saudis slash theirs.

EU rapped by WTO for $10bn a year Airbus subsidies.

Reports: Audi was deeply involved in Dieselgate.


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ISIS is still accepting volenteers, and Bellingcat is a bigger joke than Alex Jones.

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Caught in the act! Russians deploy new child eating Samsquamsh Monster to Aleppo. Rebels do what they (do) must.

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The same can be said about the intervention of the US in Iraq.

Im not blind mn, i can see the reality. In Europe nobody likes the Russians, except the serbians but that is another story.

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