Thursday, September 8, 2016

World News Briefs -- September 8, 2016 (Evening Edition)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attend a news conference after a meeting on Syria in Geneva, Switzerland, August 26, 2016. REUTERS/Pierre Albouy

Reuters: Kerry to meet Lavrov about Syria in Geneva on Friday

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Friday in an effort to move toward a political agreement to end the Syrian civil war, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday.

"Their discussion follows recent conversations on Syria and will focus on reducing violence, expanding humanitarian assistance for the Syrian people, and moving towards a political solution needed to end the civil war," State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a written statement.

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Iraq gears up for late-year push to retake Mosul from Islamic State.

400 additional US troops arrive in Iraq ahead of Mosul push.

Over 70 aid groups say UN allows Syria to manipulate relief.

Iranian faction among Kurds trained by US against militants.

Syria ready to cooperate with U.N. watchdog on gas attack accusations.

Lavrov and Kerry to meet over Syria peace plan as airstrikes continue in Aleppo. Russia-US deal on Syrian reconciliation ‘not yet finalized,’ talks to continue – Kremlin.

Iraq militia fighters join battle for Syria's Aleppo.

U.S.-led coalition carries out 14 airstrikes against ISIS on Labor Day.

Israeli military strikes targets in Syria.

Turkey's Erdogan says largest ever operations underway against Kurdish militants.

Nine Yemeni civilians, four of them children, killed in air strike: residents.

Russia says Palestinian, Israeli leaders agree to meet. Russia: Israel, Palestinian leaders agree to meet for talks.

Palestinian court suspends local elections.

UN nuclear report notes Iran is making sensitive parts. U.N. nuclear agency says Iran sticking to nuclear deal.


U.S. attempted to rescue two hostages in Afghanistan -Pentagon.

Afghanistan: Taliban pushes into Uruzgan's Tarinkot. Afghan forces repel Taliban offensive in provincial capital: officials.

Duterte tells regional leaders, U.S. not to lecture Philippines on rights.

Obama, Duterte meet despite Filipino leader's crude language.

As Obama caps years of Asia 'pivot', regional tensions smolder.

China minister says regional problems should be solved within region.

Uzbek PM named interim president in interests of "stability".

As Mao death anniversary nears, supporters push back in China.


Farm boost of $30 billion aimed at helping Africa 'feed itself'.

US airstrikes kill 4 Al-Shabab militants in Somalia.

South Sudan fighters get emergency UN aid in DR Congo.

Britain to deploy up to 100 more troops to South Sudan: minister.

UN: Over 100 South Sudan opposition fighters cross to Congo.

Two car bombs explode in Tripoli, no casualties: security official.

Opponents of Gabon's Bongo face deadline for poll challenge.

Mugabe's Zanu-PF 'blocking food aid' amid Zimbabwe drought.

Zimbabwe admits battling to pay civil servants.


Anti-immigrant AfD seen winning 15 percent of vote in Berlin election.

Armenian prime minister resigns.

Britain, EU must work together for smooth divorce: PM May.

2 years after cease-fire weary Ukraine still at war.

EU extends Russian asset freeze, travel ban.

Hollande: France's democracy will beat barbarism.

Croatia weekend snap vote unlikely to end political turmoil.

Serbia appeals for border aid as region awaits migrant flows.


Colin Powell: Using private email same as private phone call.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tackle security issues.

Barack Obama chides 'wacky' Trump after Putin jibe.

Obama says Americans too ‘lazy’ to explore the world, triggers backlash at home.

Party lines split U.S. on terror threat 15 years after 9/11: poll.

Obama to mark 15 years since 9/11 at Pentagon ceremony.

GOP senator to Obama: Explain Iran payment. Cotton: Iran payments offer terrorists 'untraceable cash'.

Venezuela opposition leader delayed by govt backers. Opposition in Venezuela tries to keep recall pressure on President Maduro.

Mexico president replaces finance minister after damaging Trump visit.

Study: Latino population growth slips behind Asian Americans.


Top commander of former Nusra group killed in Syria: rebel sources.

9/11 Commission leader: US at ‘stalemate’ in anti-terror fight 15 years later.

Guantánamo downsizes by closing one prison, cutting 400 troops.

British spooks delete 1,000 extremist videos weekly – still can’t keep up with propagandists.


Lawmakers ask for delay on US plan to cede internet oversight.

Crude prices rising on shrinking US reserves, rising Asia demand.

US media firm Liberty Media to buy Formula 1.

LinkedIn denies gender bias claim over site search.

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James said...

I doubt if the Lavrov and Kerry talks really matter all that much. If I was Putin I think I'd work out a deal with Erdogan (who he can pressure after the downing of the Russian aircraft) giving Turkey a more less free hand along it's border. Turkey can then crush the Kurds and set up an area for refugees. For this if I was Putin I would want them to disavow and terminate support for any anti-Assad forces they currently maintain and any support of US initiatives.
This would give Assad, Iranian proto-forces, and Russian air complete freedom of operation from the Iranian border to the Med, bounded only by the Turkish agreement in the North and neutralization of Israel in the south.
Putin probably believes he can influence the Israelis by the promise of direct talks with the Palestinians under Russian sponsorship.
All of this would signal an end to US presence in the area and a situation most difficult for any US administration to change.