Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Look At Russia's Military Training Schools For Teens

Sarah Blesener. Time

Time: Inside Russia’s Military Training Schools for Teens

The schools are part of Vladimir Putin's push for a new youth army movement

One morning this spring, Sarah Blesener, an American documentary photographer, got a chance to visit a school in the Moscow suburb of Dmitrov, where lessons in basic military training are available to students a few times a week. She was expecting to see kids in uniforms, saluting the flag and doing drills, much like the courses one might find in U.S. high schools that offer programs for cadets. Instead she found a classroom of students, some as young as 11, learning to assemble and load Kalashnikov assault rifles. Out in the schoolyard, a safety lesson focused on the proper use of biohazard suits in the event of nuclear or chemical fallout.

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WNU Editor: These camps have been in Russia forever. I was at one of them for two years (in summer) when I was in my teens. I had a blast. Learned how to disassemble, clean, and put together my first Kalashnikov and Makarov pistol .... and yes .... fire it after (under supervision of course).

Update: The critics of these Russian camps are now all coming out ..... but these Russian camps are nothing like what is now happening in Ukraine .... Campfire Songs and Kalashnikovs (Foreign Policy).


Miguel LM said...

Wow. These russians are indead lunatics. Only in a terrorist state, children less than 11Y are learning to use assault rifles. Worst, they are doing it in schools.

No surprise the amount of thugs in Russia, no surprise that Russia Regime is in fact a Mafia.

Educated russians will not last very long in the country. When the young see that the country is entering a dark place, than its time to leave.

Miguel LM said...

We are in 2016! Not in the dark ages!!! We have TV, Internet, Globalisation...

The children need asault rifles for what? To shoot what? To defend what?

Isnt there an army in Russia?

Russia Mafia wants a bellic state, inducting from young ages the kids to think in war ... not in peace. Russians are in the same league as N.K

Europeans are in a different league!

Obs: Ukraine is at war, the army 1/2 years ago was very pooor.... you cant compare carrots with potatos

Benjamin Goodwin said...

Do someone remember the Hitler youth's? Thats what comes to mind when i saw this

Benjamin Goodwin said...

Do someone remember the Hitler youth's? Thats what comes to mind when i saw this

Jay Farquharson said...

LMAO, Canada's had a Cadet program since the 1920's ( 11 to 18), Air Cadets, Sea Cadets, Army Cadets, one night a week, the occasional weekend and three weeks in the summer.

No Hitlers yet.

Miguel LM said...

There is a big difference from Canada :

"Today, the Cadet Program continues to evolve and adapt to meet the expectations of our changing society. With its emphasis on leadership, physical fitness and citizenship, the Canadian Cadet Program helps young Canadians to become active and engaged members of their communities today and prepares them to become the leaders of tomorrow."

Q: What do Cadets do?

A: Cadets are youth who take part in activities at a Cadet Corps or Squadron within their local community. These fun activities are designed to help youth become more self-confident, to develop leadership skills, to improve their physical fitness and communication skills, and to teach self-discipline through challenging training.

Russia programe is to have a bellic mentality, tugs etc. Do the kids in Canada use ASSAULT RIFLES on the activities?

Jay Farquharson said...

Army Cadets learn to service, maintain and shoot M4's, Baretta's, LAWs, Gustavs, and drive APC's and LAV's. If their Cadet Group is attached to an artillary Regiment, then it's 105's, Recoiless rifles and .50 BMG's. They learn camo, terrain, movement, navigation, fire support in squads.

Air Cadets learn aeronautics, avionics, gunnery skills, basic air combat tactics, aircraft maintenence, simulator flight skills and can get qualified as solo glider and single engine aircraft pilots.

Sea Cadets learn navigation, small boat and ship handling skills, gunnery skills, ship maintenence, basic naval combat skills.

RRH said...

If Miguel thinks Canada's cadet program is not part of the larger recruitment program for the Forces he knows nothing at all about it.

As with all things CF related, there is also a very strong ideological component.

Regarding Banderite Ukraine,

they haven't drained the pool of Pole, Balt, U.S., Canadian and WesternEuro mercenaries yet. When it gets low we can expect to see Ukie kids at the front with Azov, Aidar, Pravy Sector bayonets at their backs and mildewed surplus Canadian battle gear on their hips.


I had two sisters in sea cadets. 'Fun' was rarely a word they used while describing the lion's share of their "activities". I guess they had poor attitudes (I vaguely remember some correlation between said attitudes and why got to spend wednesday nights, weekends and summers developing their "communication and leadership skills"). I don't think the oodles of 'fun' they'd have was Ma's primary motivation when she enisted them in the first place.

Miguel LM said...

I really dont know much from Canada besides that was my country that discovered that place. Who cares about Canada, they have no credits.

One thing is cadets schools that exist in every place, other thing is to use kids from schools and thought them this stuf.

Assault Rifles = Arm Forces. Not for the population and Not for the Kids.

Jay Farquharson said...


You don't join Cadets, to learn the cruelest way possible that you are a genetic freak with two right feet, ( by the left, quick march), restless eye syndrome, ( eyes front and center), or the best way to spit shine boots and iron creases.

You join up for the chance to shoot stuff, or learn to fly, or learn to sail.

All that character building leadership stuff, ( yelling orders at 11 year olds) is the bs. you put up with for chance to blow stuff up.

It's the same in every country.

Miguel LM said...

Since english isnt my 1 language, probably i didnt read it right / and im also no expert on military issues.

But for me its clear, one thing is a normal school and allowing Kids to use Assault Rifles --» Russian Case

Other thing is to have programs that kids can enter and use or not Arms (i dont know what they do or are allowed to use in terms of arms)

But i know that in my country NOBODY, by LAW, can Have or Use an Assault Rifle. Thats for the Army and this is my point.

Every Nation that allows kids to use Assault Rifle are belic Nations. Doesnt matter if is Russia or the Us or Canada.

Jay Farquharson said...

You are dumb as a post.

Cadet Kids don't get to keep their weapons. They are the property of the Military.

Iceland was the first European discovers of Canada, they have a Military Cadet Program, but I doubt that you are Icelandic,

The Basques were the next European discoverers of Canada, but they don't have a nation, but France, Spain and Portugal where they reside all have Military Cadet Programs.

After the Basques came the English and Irish, and they all have Military Cadet Programs.

RRH said...

"You join up for the chance to shoot stuff, or learn to fly, or learn to sail."

Yeah, I think both of my sisters would have gladly shot Ma then flown or sailed way for making them join cadets.

Seriously though, both of them can handle a rifle (boats _ not so much) and credit their time in for it.


Pro/anti black gun arguments aside,

Any rifle can be an "assault" rifle and a man/woman/kid can be as deadly with a bolt action Enfield (more deadly in some cases) as they are with an Ak47 or Diemaco. What we teach kids to use doesn't make us, or them, belligerent. What we teach them to use it for (or in the name of) is what makes us so.

One thing is for certain. Most kids, when they get a chance, like to shoot -mine love it, especially my daughter. I'd rather have them learn to safely, respectfully handle firearms -"assault" or otherwise- in a controlled environment under the supervision of experiended individuals tha to encounter guns having absolutely no friggin' clue what to do. And like it or not, they just may some day have to pick them up and defend the country, hood or what/who ever.

Regardless, There's nothing nefarious about what the Russians are doing. Like Jay says, it's the same in every -normal- country and a damn sight better than some bloody Banderite militia in the U-crazy.

Jay Farquharson said...

Brownies and Girl Guides probably would have been a better fit.

RRH said...

AND Jay,

I don't know why you come on here spreading that Iceland, Basque discovery of Canada stuff when you know full well Canada was discovered by His Royal Majestic Majesty's Yacht Club and the Duke of Worcheschestschesterschestershire in partnership with La Rue d'Outremont avec La Maison du Filles de Roi dans la Canal Rideau. That's why every Canadian cereal box explains in English and French -two languages most Canadians/diens stubbornly refuse to use properly- what the toy in the bottom is.

Chaudice, tabernac, Esti and Goddammit eh. Don't go confusing poor Miguel like that anymore. He's touched and didn't have the benefit of the good 'ol Alberta Eugenics Program to sort him out.

Pay 'ol Farquarson no mind at all Miguel. He's lives way far away from where it all really went down. Upper Canada, Seignories, Chateau Clique and Family Compact. We had to build those Columbians a railroad to get 'em in on the accentehgoo for crying out loud!

RRH said...

Brownies and Girlguides are for the weak.

I'm sure Ma said that at some point.

RRH said...

Russia, Miguel, Cadets, assault rifles, discovery of Canada, english as an official/second sorta language, brownies and girlguides...

I love this blog.

Jay Farquharson said...

You should read driftglass for the venom,

And Derek Seguin for the tabernack

While I live out West, I grew up out East, been as far east as you can get in Canada. Been north too.

Jay Farquharson said...

Met more weak in the Cadets than the Scouts.

Even the Girl Guides did the two week winter camping thing, -30 and lentoos. Two week canoe trips in the summer.

RRH said...


My wife's aunt was Girlguide leader and confirms what you say.

If only Ma knew. I'll be sure to tell the vic....,um, my sisters how fortunate they really were. They'll still gripe though, like they had it all bad - instead of coming.

Just giving you a hard time Jay. I can tell you've seen as much as or more of the Motherland than I. For me the North will always be Canada for real.

Thanks for the links.

Seguin is a riot but here's where I go for my tabernac

RRH said...

Loving the Driftglass....

Jay Farquharson said...

Too much Max Headroom back in the day.

I like my comedy verbal.

Miguel LM said...

I know that Mr Smart, i didnt wrote that they keep their weapons.

"Cadet Kids don't get to keep their weapons. They are the property of the Military."

But dont give me any lecture in History. It was the Portuguese and Portugal that first discovered the North America and Canada. In the 1400/1500 the world was dominated by Portugal and Spain.

I have no problems with "shotguns", in Portugal its a custom to hunt some species of birds, rabbits, wild boar etc. Other thing is to teach kids to use/learn/pratice with assault rifles or rifles. Thats an army weapon.

The debate is the type of weapon and the use of the weapon. An Assault weapon is an weapon of war like M16, Kalac, etc

I cannot undertsand US law/constitution that allows the pop. to have the right to these type of weapons. Its crazy.

Jay Farquharson said...

Portugal didn't discover Canada.

Siberians first did between 36,000 and 24,000 bc.

The First European's were the Icelanders, 900 to 1000 ad.

Next were Basque whalers, between 1300 and 1400 ad.

Then the English and Irish cod fishermen, around 1500,

Then Cartier, an English Breton in French service in 1534.

The Portugese were dirty, filthy cod, shoe shine latecomers in the 1600's, who we had to sink their boats in the '70's and '80's to protect the cod, basically because they were Salazar Facists,

Which explains so much your love for the Ukraine Neo-Nazi's.

EU Basket case, check.
Facist, check.
Loved Hitler, check.
Living off a false history of past glories, check.
Impotent, check.
Mysoginist LBGTQ+ hostile, check.

RRH said...


when I was overseas I saw more than one Canadian soldier with a Mossberg 500 shotgun. Guaranteed they weren't hunting wild boar.

As for Mr. Smart,

He IS smart and everything he's said to you can be verified - unlike your Eurofascist myths - see sod houses in Newfoundland

That early attempt at Euro settlement of what we Canada today was turned back by the natives they encountered.

Fast forward to the late twentieth century and you'll see another group of Euros, the Spanish, turned back by Canadians in that great national epic - The Turbot War.

Ignorant, check.

Couldn't even beat the current Royal Canadian Navy, junk submarines and all, in a straight up fight, check.

Demands Canadian funds and military support after biting off more than he can chew, check.

Miguel LM said...

Jay, really you dont know * of History. Get your facts right, you can visit or

From America to Oceania, from Africa to Asia. Portugal Empire was one of the greatest of all times. When Portugal was King, the word russia didnt exist. We have sorry hehe

The Portuguese put you and many others in the Map. Tell me one thing, do you speak Canadian? LOL Who is your father?

Regarding your trash text, i support the free people of Ukraine and in Syria i support the free people of Syria and in lybia i support the free people of Lybia. I dont support terrorists like Assad, Kadafi.

You must be very dumb and crazy to write shit*s like this one, i will debunk some points:

Facist, should be democratic. You dont know the meaning since you are a slave from putin.

Loved Hitler, should be Despicable. Hitler like Assad or Putin are brothers in terrorizing the world/people. All should be hanged.

Living off a false history of past glories, In this one i must say that you must be very retarded. Check the history litle boy, from Brazil to Timor, From Guine to Macau, From Angola to Goa, and so on etc etc The Portuguese Empire was one of the greatest of all time. A country so small in size had an Empire in all Continents. Suck it.

Impotent, should be Stand your ground. Be a boy Jay, because you were never a men. You dont afect me with these type of trash talk. His you that need a dog, not me.

Mysoginist LBGTQ+ hostile, should be i really dont care. If you are gay, rabbit straight, if you defend Putin or the Pope for me its equal to zero. The only thing that i care is justice, freedmon ... and than what normal mens like like Football, Womens and Alchool.

Text for Every Putin licker