Friday, October 14, 2016

Aircraft Carrier Maintenance Is A Huge Undertaking (Video)

Foxtrot Alpha: The Scale Of Aircraft Carrier Maintenance Is Ridiculous

The Nimitz, deployed in 1975, is the oldest U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in service today. Just keeping a small boat alive in salt water that long takes some work, but when the ship is over 1,000 feet long the scale of maintained projects is just incredible.

This clip from the show Dry Dock takes us through just a few elements of a year-long maintenance regiment that the U.S.S. Nimitz was put through a few years ago before returning to duty. When it is active, the ship is home to over 3,000 servicemen and women and some 60 aircraft.

With a 134 foot beam, that’s the ship’s widest point at the waterline, the Nimitz pushes about 97,000 tons of water out of its way with propellors the size of suburban houses.

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WNU Editor: Cool video.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who owns a boat, even a small boat knows how hard it is to keep them maintained and in working for an aircraft carrier, good luck with that.