Thursday, October 13, 2016

All Sides Are Getting Ready For The Battle Of Mosul

CNN: Inside ISIS-held Mosul: Resistance fighters defying occupation

Erbil, Iraq (CNN)In the distance, through the dusty haze that envelopes the arid plains of northern Iraq, we can just about make out ISIS on the horizon -- readying for a fight.

In one of the lifeless villages along the main road to Mosul -- a city once inhabited by more than two million people before it became the main prize in the Iraqi portion of the militant group's self-declared caliphate -- a dozen or so tiny figures scatter around on bikes and in trucks.

These villages are deserted we're told, aware that an ugly fight is coming further down the highway, and that Mosul represents the last ISIS bid to dig in. Pancaked buildings and a large ferris wheel -- signs of the life there that was, has been extinguished, and may take years to come back.

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