Monday, October 17, 2016

As The Battle For Mosul Begins, Thousands Of Iraqi Fighters Have Instead Poured Into Syria To Assist Assad

L.A. Times: Why thousands of Iraqi fighters have poured into Syria to aid Assad

The light was low and the music loud in the “Sun of the Countryside” nightclub. Suddenly, the DJ lowered the drumbeat to a whisper as the lounge singer brought the mic close to his lips. Around him a trio of pouty women in elaborate hairdos and bright colored gowns undulated.

“Let Syria remain under Bashar Assad,” he intoned, repeating his phrase of the Syrian president like a mantra. The dancers nodded their head to the rhythm of his words.

As civil war rages in Syria , its outcome has become of vital importance to Iraqis who see the fight there as another front in the battle they face at home. It has pushed some factions of the country’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs) — paramilitary groups embroiled in their own war against Islamic State — to fly supplies and thousands of men across the border to help battle the rebels fighting Assad.

“For us, the primary battle is in Syria. If it is not dealt with, then we will pay the price here,” said Aws Khafaji, head of the Iraqi subsidiary of the Abu Fadl Abbas Brigade, a Shiite faction that emerged in Syria in 2012 and whose membership is dominated by Iraqis.

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WNU Editor: Syria is where the next big battles against the Islamic State are going to occur .... but Syria is also a complicated war because of the numerous factions that are now engaged in that conflict.


Aizino Smith said...

Iraq, Syria, and then Yemen

Digest, expect problem on Saudi Arabia's Persian Gulf Coast.

Then Israel.

Jay Farquharson said...

Keep looking under your bed, and closet Anzino,

Pretty sure that if you keep slugging back the branchwater, sooner or later, you will find Gen. Soleimani there.

Aizino Smith said...

Gen. Soleimani is one man. I am sure that Iran has a deep bench.