Sunday, October 30, 2016

As Venezuela's Crisis Escalates, President Maduro Meets The Opposition

Reuters: As crisis escalates, Venezuela's Maduro meets opposition

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sat down on Sunday with members of the opposition and foreign mediators, a gesture his foes suspect is a time-wasting tactic to ease pressure on the unpopular socialist leader.

The opposition Democratic Unity coalition has stepped up protests since authorities scuttled its push for a referendum this year on Maduro's rule, which opinion polls showed he would have lost, triggering a presidential election.

Critics say 17 years of socialist rule have wrecked the OPEC nation's economy and crushed democracy, while the government says a U.S.-backed elite is seeking a coup.

Maduro, 53, who narrowly won election to succeed Hugo Chavez in 2013, arrived mid-evening for the meeting at a Caracas museum and greeted opposition leaders including coalition secretary-general Jesus Torrealba and opposition governor Henri Falcon.

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WNU Editor: After threatening opposition leaders with jail, I doubt that these talks are going to lead to anywhere .... Venezuelan president threatens to jail opponents (AFP).

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