Saturday, October 15, 2016

Britain's Ministry Of Defense is Claiming To Have Killed 1,700 ISIS Fighters But No Civilian Deaths

A British Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft flies over central IraqPetros Karadjias/Reuters

IBTimes: MoD claims to have killed 1,700 Isis terrorists with no civilian deaths

RAF Typhoons,Tornadoes and Reaper drones carried out 1,066 air strikes in Iraq and Syria.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that the Islamic State (Isis) is "being defeated" after killing 1,700 militants in air strikes in Iraq and Syria. The MoD claims it has conducted 1,066 strikes against Isis with "detailed assessments" revealing no civilian losses.

It added that 1,571 fighters have been killed in Iraq and 181 jihadists killed in Syria since parliament voted to begin air strikes in December 2015. The UK has been operating in Iraq with assistance from the government, in contrast to Syria.

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Update: Britain has killed more than 1,700 ISIS terrorists in RAF air strikes in Iraq and Syria since bombing began – and NO civilians, claims MoD (Daily Mail)

WNU Editor: 1,066 air strikes but no civilian deaths .... and they are saying it with a straight face.

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Anonymous said...

Not nearly as bad as when the US was still claiming 20k kills without civilian deaths. Only started claiming them after that single, high-toll incident was widely covered and they couldn't keep up the facade. Maybe UK has to nail a funeral to begin counting civilian toll.