Saturday, October 15, 2016

Britain's Royal Navy On Alert For A Russian Flotilla That Will Sail Through The English Channel On Its Way To Syria

The Royal Navy's Type 42 destroyer steams alongside Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

Daily Mail: Royal Navy races to intercept heavily-armed Russian aircraft carrier heading for English Channel as it practises bombing raids near Scotland ahead of Syrian mission

* Russia's flagship and seven additional vessels will pass UK on way to Syria
* The large fleet is expected to carry out practice bombing north of Scotland
* British warships will be scrambled by Royal Navy to navigate fleet past UK
* Warships could sail down the English Channel - a mile off the British coast

The Royal Navy is on red alert after it was revealed that Russia plans to sail a fleet of warships along the British coast as it makes it way to Syria.

Russia's flagship Admiral Kuznetsov and seven additional vessels will pass the UK on their voyage to the war-torn country as it prepares to bomb rebel forces in Aleppo.

The fleet is expected to carry out practice bombing north of Scotland before potentially sailing down the English Channel - a mile off the coast of Britain.

It comes amid rapidly escalating tensions between the west and Russia, as the Kremlin looks to give a show of strength right on the doorstep of the UK.

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Update #1: 'Posturing' Russians to send aircraft carrier and fleet along the English Channel (Telegraph)
Update #2: Russian warships to sail through English Channel (The Independent)

WNU Editor: The British press is in panic mode. What's my take .... this Russian aircraft carrier will be accompanied by tug-boats in the event that it breaks down (which it has in the past).


Kevin Greenhalgh said...

I don't know what all the concern is about, it's not like the Russians are going to attack Britain. Even if it did, the Russian Navy wouldn't have a chance against even the British Navy alone. Particularly right off their Coast. The Russian aircraft carrier, it's only one, is a floating catastrophe. It is as dangerous to its own crew, as it is to any potential enemy. This is all to do about nothing. It is a perfect example of the Russian military in general.

Jay Farquharson said...

You are not following the script,

You are supposed to be afraid, very afraid of the Ruskies,

So afraid that you should be writing your MP to call for War with Russia, and writing to the Daily Mail Editors saying that the Russian fleet should be nuked if they come even close to British waters.

Follow the script, dude.

fazman said...

The script shows that british navy is incapable of defeating any medium sized adversary, let alone russia.
The russian sub fleet has some of the quietest subs in the world more than capable of decimating u.k surface combatants.
Yeah the actual news story is nonsense , no risk, threat or posturing at all.