Sunday, October 30, 2016

French Military To Leave Central African Republic. Militias Are Gathering To Take Their Place

RFI: Threat of violence looms in CAR as France's Sangaris op ends

Armed militias were reported to be gathering in the Central African Republic (CAR) ahead of Monday's withdrawal of French troops of Operation Sangaris, which started three years ago to halt bloodletting that followed a sectarian civil war.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who told parliament that the operation had "been a success" earlier this month, flew to Bangui on Sunday to declared Sangaris officially over the following day.

About 350 French troops, equipped with observation drones, are to remain in the country, 100 of them to be deployed with the 10,000-strong UN force, Minusca.

France also has fighter jets stationed in neighbouring Chad.

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Update #1: Central African militias gather as French troops prepare to leave (AFP)
Update #2: France ends military mission in CAR after abuse allegations (AFP)

WNU Editor: There are still thousands of foreign troops in the country maintaining the peace, but tensions and the sectarian violence accompanying it are rising ..... Central African Republic: Clashes leave 25 dead - UN (BBC).

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