Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hungarians Vote 98% Against EU Migrant Quotas, But Low Turnout Invalidates The Result

Reuters: Big majority of Hungarians rejected migrant quotas but vote invalid

Almost all Hungarians who voted in Sunday's referendum rejected the European Union's migrant quotas but turnout was too low to make the poll valid, frustrating Prime Minister Viktor Orban's hopes of a clear victory with which to challenge Brussels.

Hungary's maverick right-wing leader, whose hardline policy on migration has been criticized by human rights groups but is popular at home, nevertheless said EU policymakers should heed the "outstanding" referendum outcome.

Orban said more Hungarians had rejected the migrant quotas than had voted for European Union membership in a referendum ahead of Hungary's 2004 accession to the bloc. Some 3.249 million votes were cast rejecting the quotas, compared with 2003's 3.056 million votes in favor of joining the EU.

"Thirteen years after a large majority of Hungarians voted at a referendum to join the European Union, today Hungarians made their voices heard again in a European issue," Orban said.

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WNU Editor: The voter turnout may have been below 50% .... but over 95% voted against the EU's migrant quota system. This should act as a huge wake-up call for politicians who are pushing for these quotas as their response to the continuing flow of refugees into the EU.

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