Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Iraq's Prime Minister Warns Of War Against Turkey Due To Presence Of The Turkish Military In Northern Iraq

Reuters: Baghdad bridles at Turkey's military presence, warns of 'regional war'

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has warned Turkey that it risks triggering a regional war by keeping troops in Iraq, as each summoned the other's ambassador in a growing row.

Relations between the two regional powers are already broadly strained by the Syrian civil war and the rise of the Islamic State militant group.

Turkey's parliament voted last week to extend its military presence in Iraq for a further year to take on what it called "terrorist organizations" - a likely reference to Kurdish rebels as well as Islamic State.

Iraq's parliament responded on Tuesday night by condemning the vote and calling for Turkey to pull its estimated 2,000 troops out of areas across northern Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

Turkey will kick your butt Iraqi

fazman said...

Who is iraq kidding, they couldnt go on the offensive against fijian peacekeepers let alone turkey.
Time and again theyve shown just how stupid, incompetentthey are, no amount of training or equipment is able to transform them.
Disbanding the Republican guard (who actually fought well all things considered)has lead to this shambles.