Saturday, October 1, 2016

Is America Losing The Cyber War?

Cyberwar games at the United States Military Academy.
(Photo: Michael Falco for The New York Times)

Paul D. Shinkman, US News and World Report: America Is Losing the Cyber War

Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have a tactical edge against U.S. digital restraint.

Russia, China, Iran and North Korea routinely launch cyberattacks on civilian areas, hacking private companies or undermining foreign militaries, using online tools to manipulate information or digital propaganda to shape others' opinions, and employing digital mercenaries to do the work.

The Chinese military stole U.S. plans to the technically sophisticated F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, allowing Beijing to create the copycat J-31. Hackers with connections to the Iranian government were charged earlier this year for attacks on U.S. banks and a dam in New York. North Korean operatives released a trove of damaging emails from Sony as the entertainment company planned to release a comedy with an unflattering portrayal of the country's leader. And Russia is widely suspected in a hack of the Democratic National Committee that could amount to a bid to undermine the integrity of the upcoming U.S. election.

The U.S., as of right now, is not fully prepared to match incidents like these.

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WNU Editor: If America is losing the cyber war .... then what is this 5,000 manned special unit doing .... Pentagon’s 5,000-Strong Cyber Force Passes Key Operational Step (Bloomberg).


Caecus said...

Thanks to Edward Sowden

fred lapides said...

I would guess that few really know how big or effective our cyber war really is. What we read is what gets done to us but we never truly read what we do to others...If you dear reader truly know, let us hear and tell us how you know