Friday, October 7, 2016

Is America Prepared For Another War?

President Barack Obama makes Thanksgiving Day phone calls to selected U.S. troops. Pete Souza, White House

Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon: The Guns of October

Column: Is America prepared for another war?

The land of Syria is a hellscape. A desert ruin, a blasted place where fundamentalists clash with fascists as major powers—America, Russia, Turkey, Israel—drop bombs.

After a U.S.-brokered cease-fire collapsed in recriminations, Washington responded by saying it wouldn’t talk to Moscow about the war. Then Moscow announced its intention to pull out of a nuclear agreement with Washington, and moved an advanced anti-aircraft system into Syria. President Obama sought a “Plan B” (good luck with that). Meanwhile, at the vice presidential debate, both Tim Kaine and Mike Pence called for humanitarian “safe zones” protected by U.S. forces.

Where does this end? The Russian objective is clear. Vladimir Putin wants to rescue Bashar Assad, preserve access to warm-water ports, embarrass America, and become a player in the Middle East.

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James said...

Re: Photo composition. Fruit front and center, probably fake, probably plastic, explanation unnecessary.

Aizino Smith said...

Re: Photo composition. Fruit background and center, is fake, is plastic, explanation unnecessary.

Aizino Smith said...

Poisson distribution parameter Lambda = "0.69"

ISBN 0-13-487174-X

Of course Obozo never studied any of this. What he studied, is under court ordered protection. Let's just say the _______ is innumerate and illiterate in many worthwhile fields of study.

Point is Obama cannot change or understand any of this, but he can make it worse. He has made it very much worse so far.

Bob Huntley said...


Obama holding the phone in his left hand probably nobody on the line. He is left handed I am right handed. I have always held the phone in my left hand so I can make notes etc. with my right. Chairs at the sides of the desk doesn't seem normal. Old photo his hair is still black. Is that a picture of the leaning tower of Pisa? Picture to the right of Obama, 911?

James said...

That's pretty good. I was just trying to make a stupid joke with mine, yours is pretty good. The picture is of the Statue of Liberty's left arm with the torch.

War News Updates Editor said...

The picture was taken about 6 years ago.

James said...

My mistake the picture on his right I don't know.