Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton's Strategy To Personally Attack The FBI Director A Smart One?

Margaret Talev & Mark Niquette, Bloomberg: Clinton’s Attacking Strategy to Blunt Comey Damage Has Risks

* FBI Director said to have acted over Lynch’s objections
* Trump says ‘very serious things’ must have prompted Comey

Hillary Clinton’s campaign hopes its unusually swift response to revelations about a fresh FBI investigation related to a past probe of her private e-mail server will blunt the political damage amid concern about close Senate races as well as the presidential election.

Nine days before the election, Clinton and her aides went on the attack, intensifying criticism of James Comey as word emerged that the FBI director defied U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch by informing lawmakers of newly discovered e-mails that may relate to its investigation of the Democratic presidential nominee.

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WNU Editor: According to many polls .... 70% of Americans view Hillary Clinton and the word corruption as one of the same .... but it has not played on how they will vote as much as some thought that it would. That is why these new revelations and Hillary Clinton's strategy to go after the FBI Director may become a game changer. To personally go after the FBI Director may appeal to Hillary Clinton's base who believe that these new revelations are just a political tactic used to suppress her support, but to everyone else .... it is a direct attack on one of the top law enforcement officers in the country and a harbinger of what may happen during a Clinton Presidency. And while I still believe that most Americans have already made up their mind on who they will vote for in this election, if there was ever a tactic used to suppress a vote .... in this case Hillary Clinton's .... this cloud of corruption and the media's new focus on it will certainly do it.


fred said...

Comey will resign. But even before that charges--by a republican--for violation of Hatch Act have been filed.

Chase jones said...

Lock her up sick of lies and her stupid sounding speeches only pure fools could buy a second of her lies

Anonymous said...

Classic Saul Alinsky moves.

James said...