Thursday, October 13, 2016

Is The Media Accurately Covering The Yemen War?

Tom Cooper, War Is Boring: Much of What You Think You Know About the Yemen War … Is Wrong

Let’s cut through the misinformation

With the latest spate of air strikes, civilian massacres and ballistic-missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and a U.S. Navy warship, the seemingly endless war in Yemen has worked its way back into the headlines.

Many foreign observers, however, remain frankly befuddled by the conflict. And for good reason. It’s … complicated. And misinformation abounds.

The truth is that Yemen’s government lacks popular support. Its military has largely sided with the insurgents. Iran probably plays very little role. And the terrorists in Yemen are, at best, a side show to the main fighting.

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WNU Editor: My must read post for today. Hat tip to my many readers who gave me a heads-up on this story.


Aizino Smith said...

Both Ethiopia and Persia have conquered Yemen before.

It was a Persian slave the saved Mohammed's bacon.

Without the slave there would be no Islam.

Jac said...

"Iran probably plays very little role"....really? I like this sense of humor!
Tom Cooper, I am sorry for you.

Jay Farquharson said...

LMAO, Idiotocracy has befome a Documentary in America.

Aizino Smith said...

In regards to J FARQ

I could not find the word befome in the Dictionary Idiotica.

I could use the method to resolve inventory discrepancies, but why bother. J is a tool.

They said there were 2 small boats form Iran to Yemen? Did they bother to check or account for all boats? I do believe that the Iranians are stretched and so Yemen is on the back burner. that I believe.

However, if if a CIA official was asked to give a definitive answer as to how many Iranian advisers were in Yemen, (1) he couldn't, (2) give a broad estimate as to be useless or (3)throw so many caveats to again be useless.

War is Boring makes to 2 big points.

(1) They say most of the military sides with the Houthis. (So much for JJ's rag tag tribesmen, but what do you expect out of the FARQer?)

They also say that that Saleh is also more popular than Hadi. Well he was president for life. We normally read president for life as dictator. Except for JJ when it does not suit the FARKer. You would think 30 years of distributing government pork and stacking government agencies including the military

(2) The article also states that it is the Missile Defense Command that have the missiles (no surprise there) and that they fired them and not the Houthis.

But the article had taken such great pains to point out that that the most of the military including the Missile Defense Command joined the Houthis. This did not happen yesterday.

If there were a civil war and USSTRACOM sided with Jill Stein and USSTRACOM subsequently launch 2 cruise missiles at the Russian ships. The Russians would not be mad at Jill Stein?