Monday, October 3, 2016

Is NATO A Threat To Russia?

Adam Twardowski, National Interest: Why NATO Isn't a Threat to Russia

Russia’s apologists blame the United States for the recent deterioration of U.S.-Russia relations by arguing that if Washington had shown greater respect for Russia’s interests after the Cold War, Moscow would not have felt the need to safeguard its security by dismembering Ukraine and Georgia. The theory behind this realist view, articulated in part last week by Ted Galen Carpenter, is that Russia is too weak to threaten the United States as an expansionist power, so instead of extending NATO’s eastern frontiers and supporting the right of eastern European states to join alliances of their choosing, Washington should have backed off and respected Russia’s need for a “modest security zone” against “NATO’s increasingly menacing incursions.”

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WNU Editor: NATO is not a military threat to Russia .... far from it .... and I do not think most Russians are afraid that one day NATO soldiers will be marching in Red Square as an occupying power. The main "beef" between Russia and the West is political (i.e. Western support for the overthrow of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych), and/or economic (i.e. sanctions). It is in the political and economic arena that this fight is now happening .... and with the exception of Syria .... the military is only a side show (albeit an important one if things blow up).

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