Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Islamic State Deploys Suicide Bombers In The Battle For Mosul (Video)

Daily Mail: Terrifying body cam film captures fierce gun fight with ISIS in Mosul as suicide attackers are seen 'running around like rats in and out of tunnels'

* Footage shows Kurdish soldier sprinting across battlefield close to Mosul
* Peshmerga fighters were trying to secure Iraqi village in fight against ISIS
* Military chief says fanatics were 'running around like rats' during battle

Terrifying body cam footage has captured fierce fighting with ISIS as the battle for Mosul finally got underway.

A Kurdish fighter filmed the moment he sprinted across open land amid deafening gunfire and explosions during an early advance on the terror group's northern Iraq stronghold.

The soldier is joined by a team of Peshmerga fighters as they risk their lives trying to reach a building in the battle field.

ISIS fanatics were seen 'running around like rats', emerging from a network of tunnels around the city and surprising troops with suicide attacks, Kurdish fighters said.

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Update: The Fight for Mosul: Kamikaze 2.0 (Mark Thompson, Time)

WNU Editor: If this is what happened on just the first day .... I can only imagine what it is going to be like as the battle enters into the city.

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