Thursday, October 27, 2016

Key Remarks By Russian President Putin At Today's Valdai International Discussion Club’s 13th Meeting In Sochi

Putin takes part in Valdai club's final session (LIVE UPDATES) -- RT
Vladimir Putin Addresses 13th Annual Valdai Discussion Club (VIDEO) -- Sputnik
Putin says Russia showing restraint in Syria but patience may run out -- Reuters
Putin says Russia has no option but to clear Aleppo of militants --Reuters
Putin urges new Marshall Plan for Middle East to see recovery and growth -- TASS
Putin says Russia does not plan to get militarily involved in Iraq, Libya -- Reuters
Russia threat exaggerated by West to justify military spending - Putin -- SKY News
Putin: Russia is not going to attack anyone -- TASS
Putin is sure Russia and Ukraine will find way to end crisis -- TASS
Russia's Putin says cyber attacks are unacceptable -- Reuters
Putin urges US not to provoke Russia to actively protect national interests -- TASS
Calling Trump Moscow’s favorite is nonsense created by media – Putin -- RT
Putin says U.S. 'hysteria' over Russia is election ploy -- Reuters
Putin rejects claims of Russian interference in US election -- AP
Russia's Putin says Trump behaves extravagantly to get message across -- Reutesr
Russia's Putin says Obama administration does not stick to any deals -- Reuters

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